Why I Plan All Our Travels on a Spreadsheet

Why I Plan All Our Travels on a Spreadsheet

A LOT of my friends and family take the mickey out of me because I plan ALL of our family trips on a spreadsheet... Hardly the fun holiday vibe!

HOWEVER, travelling with kids can be challenging, but with a bit of planning, you can ensure that every trip is filled with fun and relaxation. At Bundle Beds, we believe that holidays and sleep should be taken as seriously as work. Here's why I plan all our travels on a spreadsheet and how this approach helps us have seriously good holidays...

The Importance of Planning:

Why I Use a Spreadsheet

When it comes to planning a trip, I find that a spreadsheet helps keep everything in one place, from booking accommodations to managing budget. With columns for dates, destinations, things to see nearby and costs, I can easily track our trip and it allows me to:

  • Avoid Overbooking: By having all our bookings in one place, I can ensure there are no double bookings or missed dates.
  • Plan Activities: We try to have a balance of planned days and downtime, but I like to make a note of any not to be missed things nearby, and will book activities that might book up in advance. PLEASE NOTE: Some of our best days are the unplanned ones, but I’ve usually done a bit of research on what to do in the area which we can use as a guide when we’re there!
  • Manage Budgets: Tracking expenses in the spreadsheet helps us stay within budget and make informed decisions about where to splurge and where to save.

I have found that using a travel spreadsheet can keep things all in one place, and helps to reduce the stress of travelling.

  • Saving Money: By planning ahead, we can take advantage of early booking discounts and avoid last-minute expenses. We can also map out a trip and know exactly what the total will be before booking, and it allows us to add in some luxury nights, or find some more budget ones depending on the overall spend.
  • Knowing what’s coming next: We’ve found that keeping the kids informed and letting them know what is coming next keeps them settled and happy on longer trips. 

Steps to Create Your Travel Spreadsheet:

List of Essentials

When creating a travel spreadsheet, I’ve found that the key sections to include are:

  1. Travel Dates: Include departure and return dates, as well as any significant milestones during the trip.
  2. Accommodation Details: I tend to put the name of the accommodation with a link throuhg to it, and then have the type of accommodation next to it. We often mix up glamping, hotels and AirBnbs, so I list that for clarity.
  3. Activities: You can list any planned/booked activities, with links through to places. I also include links to things to do nearby in this section.
  4. Travel: This is good for keeping track of flight details, transfers, length of car journey if it’s a road trip, and any other transportation details.
  5. Notes section: You can add in details like check in/check out times, any note worthy things nearby, etc.

And my final tip…

One of the biggest hassles of traveling with kids is ensuring they have a comfortable place to sleep and feel settled when they arrive at a new place. I’m obviously biased, but Bundle Beds really do simplify this process by being compact, easy to carry, and quick to set up. Instead of wrestling with sheets and blankets, we simply unroll the Bundle Beds, and the kids are ready to sleep. This not only saves time but also reduces the stress of setting up multiple sleeping arrangements.

Whether we're camping, staying in a hotel, or visiting family, our kids always have their Bundle Beds with them and sleep so well, which means they're happier and more energetic during the day.

Taking Things Seriously!

By taking the planning of our trips seriously, we ensure that we have a seriously good time when we go away! It really does help us to make the most of every moment, and means that holidays are hassle free. This then allows us to focus on what really matters - spending quality time together and creating unforgettable memories.

Ready to take your family travel planning to the next level?

Get creating your own travel spreadsheet and start organising your next adventure. And don’t forget to check out Bundle Beds for a stress-free travel experience that ensures everyone sleeps soundly, no matter where you are.

Happy travels!

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