How to Bundle

Whether the kids are having a sleepover or you are off on a family camping adventure; whether a fellow student is crashing at your place or guests have made a surprise visit - Bundle Beds aim to provide a great night's sleep, anywhere.
Happy Bundling!

Unclip, unroll, unzip...


  1. Unclip.

  2. Unroll.

  3. Open the valve. PLEASE NOTE: Use 1-2 turns. Do not open the valve by over turning it, or it will lose it’s thread. If this occurs, simply turn the valve the other way (to close it) until it attaches to the thread and close it completely. Re-start to open with 1-2 turns.

  4. Allow mattress to self inflate. PLEASE NOTE: You can adjust air pressure for comfort. For softer support, gently squeeze out a little air. For firmer support, inflate by mouth.

  5. Close the valve.

  6. Unzip.

  7. Pull back the top cover.

  8. Bundle in

  9. ... and sleep!

Zip, Roll, clip...

 Wakey wakey!

  1. Fold the sheets on top of the mattress.

  2. Close the top cover.

  3. Zip.

  4. Open the valve.

  5. Roll. A FEW TIPS FROM THE PROS: Start the rolling process from the head end of the bed. Start with as tight a roll as possible, making sure the pillow is not in the first 6 inches of the roll often helps. Maintain as tight a roll as possible throughout the process, using your knees to put pressure on the bed as you roll it is a great way to achieve this.

  6. Clip.

  7. Pull straps tight...& away you go! (You can close the valve at this stage to keep the bed as compact as possible for carrying).

The first opening…

As the mattress has been rolled up for quite some time in transit, the foam may need some help to remember its fully inflated position...

  1. Ensure that you have not opened the valve by over turning it, or it will lose it’s thread. If this occurs, simply turn the valve the other way (to close it) until it attaches to the thread and close it completely. Re-start to open with 1-2 turns.

  2. Give the valve a few hard breaths (about 10 puffs will do it!) to expand the foam back to its full state. It is best to inflate until the air comes back out of the valve when you stop blowing, this is when the mattress is full.

  3. Leave the bed open overnight with the valve open. This should reinstate the foam to a lofty fill.

  4. When you go back to the bed the day after, tighten the valve back up, and lie down to experience the comfort that is the Bundle Bed...

  5. When you roll the Bundle Bed back up, you will hear the air being expelled. If the bed has been stored away for a long time, repeat the process to give it kick it back to life.

How to Double Bundle

You can put two Bundle Beds together with the use of a Bundle Bed double fitted sheet (included in the couple’s pack). It's super easy to do...  

  1. Remove the single fitted sheets from the two beds.

  2. Connect the two beds by sticking the central velcro together.

  3. Attach the double sheet using the velcro down the sides of the connected beds.

  4. Reattach your pillows and duvets using the buttons at the top and bottom of the beds...

  5. Ta da! No zipping or poppers, your single bed is now a double. And the bonus is you each still have your own duvet (no more dealing with the cover-hogger!)

Storing your Bundle Bed

  1. Please store your Bundle Bed somewhere dry and away from the sharp claws of any pets!

  2. Store your bed rolled up in a neat bundle ready-to-go whenever you need to bring somewhere to sleep with you, or there's an extra guest to squeeze in at home. We recommend the back or top of a wardrobe - some of our customers even keep one in the boot of the car, just-in-case!

  3. You can also store your Bundle Bed zipped up (to protect the bedding inside) but unrolled. It fits perfectly under a bed or sofa and, if you leave the valve open, the mattress will already be filled with air and ready-for-use.

  4. If your Bundle Bed is stored rolled up and has not been used for many months, we'd recommend following 'The First Opening' steps above before your next adventure for extra mattress comfort.

  5. If your Bundle Bed is left damp for a long time, mildew may damage the cover, which we can't cover by warranty.

Winter Use

If freezing conditions will be encountered daily for several weeks, avoid breath inflation. Moisture from breath may accumulate and freeze inside the mattress. Under extremely cold conditions, the mattress may be slow to self-inflate.

To Clean The Bundle Bed

  1. Periodic cleaning is recommended to prevent food, oils or other materials from prematurely degrading your Bundle Bed.

  2. The outer layer of the bed can be wiped down with warm water (without soap products), and a non-abrasive sponge or cloth.

  3. The sheets of the Bundle Bed can be washed in your machine (40° max).

  4. When washing the single or double fitted sheets, attach the velcro together to prevent it getting tangled in the wash.

  5. Wash colours separately to prevent colours from running.

  6. The mattress can be removed from the outer layer and wiped down with a damp cloth.

Tips to protect your Bundle Bed

  1. Always check for potential puncturing hazards under the mattress area (thorns, sharp rocks, etc.).

  2. Always use a ground sheet beneath your Bundle Bed unless sleeping in a tent.

  3. Do not use a Bundle Bed mattress as a flotation device. It is not safe.

  4. Do not expose the Bundle Bed to flames or sparks.

  5. Do not pressurize the mattress with high pressure pumps.

  6. Do not leave the mattress inflated with valve(s) closed in a car or tent on a hot day.

  7. Do not contaminate the mattress with Deet-based insect repellants, sunscreen, or chlorine.

  8. Do not expose the Bundle Bed to long periods of direct sunlight. Ultraviolet rays gradually destroy the coated fabric.

  9. Keep the Bundle Bed away from your pets. Dogs love to chew the valve(s), and cats like to sharpen their claws on the outer later.

  10. If you store your Bundle Bed deflated and rolled for long periods, inflate it with several breaths to restore foam loft, as above.