Managing Travel Budget & International Payments with Revolut

Managing Travel Budget & International Payments with Revolut

Meet Revolut, our trusted financial travel companion for the last two years...

As a family that loves to travel, with our Bundle Beds in tow, we've found that Revolut is an amazing travel card and the the answer to fee-free adventures! In this article, we'll share the benefits of the Revolut travel card, how it enhances our family travels, and why it works so well for our travel budgeting.


Streamlined & Effortless Payments

Revolut takes simplicity seriously. Wave goodbye to the hassles of pin card readers from traditional banking; Revolut consolidates all your payment needs into one user-friendly app. Whether you're splitting fares, making instant payments, or conducting quick money transfers, it's all within reach with just a few taps on your device.

Transparent Exchange Rates with Zero Hidden Fees

Bid farewell to exorbitant currency conversion fees with Revolut. The app utilises real-time market changes to offer some of the fairest exchange rates available. Instantly exchange between 29 currencies, enabling you to spend in the local currency without fretting over additional fees. Revolut simplifies shopping abroad, eliminating the necessity for ATMs and averting mark-up prices.

Secure Spending and Savings

In the realm of finance, security is paramount, and Revolut excels in this regard. Your money is protected by a financial services compensation scheme, ensuring the safety of your spending. If your card goes missing while abroad, temporarily deactivate it without compromising your account integrity. Trust and peace of mind are indispensable features in Revolut's suite of financial services.

And a little bonus...

We have Revolut <18 accounts for both of our boys, which link to our accounts. They each created their own debit card which they can use to buy things that they have saved up for. We've also found it a really easy way for friends and family to gift money for birthdays and Christmas. It's also a great way to manage their holiday money when we're abroad, and also for them to earn pocket money for chores and task as it's a simple click and transfer to move money from our account to theirs. PLUS, the boys feel really grown up having their own account and card!

 The Boys with their Revolut Travel Card Purchases

We find that Revolut is incredibly easy to use and control, it saves us lots of time and money, and it's really convenient to have at handduring trips abroad. We can easily see our spedning which is great when we're looking to stick to a travel budget. And the transparent exchange rate gives you all the information you need, so if you're travelling across a few different countries then it shows you all the best rates and helps you manage your finances whilst abroad.

It’s safe to say that Revolut will be our money management system for all future trips!

Find our more about Revolut and sign up here.

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