Sleep Anywhere Bundle Beds are the beginning of the Bundle Revolution™, and are the future of sleeping over, sleeping out, camping and adventures.

Bundle Beds are the beginning of a Bundle Revolution, which started out in the sleeping department, or more accurately, the sleepover department!

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For many years the only solution for sleepovers, impromptu guest stays, camping and adventures was to take a mass of bulky or uncomfortable sleeping equipment which collectively never really managed to deliver a great night's sleep. We decided to change that...

Unclip. Unroll. Unzip… Sleep!

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Bundle Bed Top Tip: turn your single bed into a double

You've only got a small guest room but need a double bed. You’ve booked a romantic getaway under the stars but don’t fancy the less-than-romantic battle with the airbed pump.  Or, like two recent Bundle Bed customers, you are adventuring across the Pyrenees together...

Make a comfy portable double bed by using two Bundle Beds and our purpose-made double fitted sheet

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Small Business Shout-out!

Making the leap and starting your own business sets off a rainforest of butterflies (as well as the odd demon of self-doubt) … at least it did for us at Bundle HQ!  So, as we’ve been hustling our way through a summer of fairs and shows, it has been lovely to discover so many other British brands who have done the same. We’ve marvelled at unique, clever, classic ideas – blending the beautiful with the practical – as well as the passion of the people behind them.  Here are just a few of those small businesses who we'd like to show a bit of Bundle Bed love for!

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'Chasing ever-changing horizons' - Nick Zupancich

When browsing through the social media feeds, it is a rare image that not only halts an impatient scrolling thumb but makes you pause and wonder and reflect.  Such are the captures of Nick Zupancich, a freelance outdoor photographer about to embark on a mission to reveal the beauty and power of the wilderness from a newly-converted Sprinter van.  We, at Bundle Beds, love his spirit of adventure and his aim to inspire - as well as his jaw-dropping night shots!  

We caught up with Nick, just before he leaves with his girlfriend Maggie and new puppy Pushkin...

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