Sleep Anywhere Bundle Beds are the beginning of the Bundle Revolution™, and are the future of sleeping over, sleeping out, camping and adventures.

Bundle Beds are the beginning of a Bundle Revolution, which started out in the sleeping department, or more accurately, the sleepover department!

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For many years the only solution for sleepovers, impromptu guest stays, camping and adventures was to take a mass of bulky or uncomfortable sleeping equipment which collectively never really managed to deliver a great night's sleep. We decided to change that...

Unclip. Unroll. Unzip… Sleep!

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Bundle Beds Love: winter camping! Our top 5 UK campsites for winter

The mornings are darker, foggy and frosty. You’re thinking about snuggling on the sofa, not shivering outside a tent… BUT don’t discount winter camping as the perfect antidote to pre-Christmas hustle and bustle. Sites are quiet (and often cheaper), there’s far fewer biting bugs to irritate you, and it can be absolutely stunning.

We’ve teamed up with the fabulous team at Cool Camping to give you our top five UK sites offering the best of winter camping – or glamping, if a tent is just a step too far!

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Bundle Beds Love: Christmas pyjamas for kids (that they'll want to wear year-round)

We love the new Christmas Eve box tradition, especially finding the perfect pair of cosy pyjamas for the excitement and anticipation of Christmas morning. But, whilst we like Rudolph and Frosty as much as the next person, we're not quite on board (yet!) with PJs the kids wear for a few days and are then out of season by New Year. Just call us Scrooge! 

There are some beautiful independent brands creating high quality, super soft nightwear, that you'll love watching the kids run around in on Christmas morning - as well as on any other day of the year! Here are a few of our favourites to help fill the kids' Christmas Eve gift boxes.

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Bundle Beds on Tour: camping with kids in East Sussex

Bundle Beds was born out of the desire to make getting out on adventures with family and friends easier, and a lot more comfortable! So it's wonderful hear where your Bundle Bed has taken you. Katya let us know about her family's camping trip to Bodiam, East Sussex...

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