The Top Travel Car Seats for Kids: Comfort, Safety, and Convenience

The Top Travel Car Seats for Kids: Comfort, Safety, and Convenience

Traveling with children requires careful planning, and in addition to taking our Bundle Beds on all of travels (they fly for free with children under 15 years old!) we also take travel car seat for them, ensuring their safety and comfort during any car journeys. As a family that values both safety and convenience, we've explored various travel car seats, and here are our top three picks:

1. BubbleBum Booster Seat: 

Bubblebum Kids Travel Car Seat

When it comes to a lightweight, compact, and comfortable travel booster seat, the BubbleBum takes the lead. Designed for ages 4-11 and accommodating weights from 40 lbs to 100 lbs (18.1 kg to 45.3 kg), this inflatable booster seat is a game-changer for family travel. What sets it apart is not just its portability but also its commitment to safety.

BubbleBum ensures peace of mind by exceeding both US and EU safety regulations. Approved for use in the US, it's designed to work seamlessly with a standard 3-point adult seat belt, meeting ECE Regulation 15 or equivalent. What's more, it has undergone rigorous crash testing in both inflated and deflated states, ensuring the utmost safety for your little ones. Weighing a mere 500g, it's a hassle-free choice for on-the-go families.

2. Trunki BoostApak:

Trunki Travel Car Seat for Kids

Trunki introduces a unique and versatile solution with the BoostApak, a backpack that unfolds into a child's car booster seat. While its design and versatility are commendable, it's essential to note that it might be a bit bulky for small children to carry. However, its functionality shines through as it is approved under previous regulations as a Group 2/3 car seat, suitable and legal for kids between 15 and 36kg (approximately 4-12 years).

Adhering to the newest child seat laws, which recommend children be at least 125cm tall or 22kg (approximately age seven) before using a booster cushion, the BoostApak provides a safe and legal solution for families on the move.

3. Mifold Travel Seat: 

Mifold Travel Car Seat for Kids

For those prioritizing compactness without compromising safety, the Mifold grab-and-go car booster seat is a standout choice. Designed for kids aged 4 and up, with a weight range from 40 lbs to 100 lbs (18.1 kg to 45.3 kg) and a height range of 40 inches to 57 inches (101.6 cm to 144.78 cm), it is the epitome of portability.

Meeting or exceeding US safety requirements, the Mifold is known for its compact design, folding up incredibly small. While some have noted concerns about its firmness potentially causing discomfort, it remains a popular choice for its space-saving features.


And  a few extra Family Travel Tips: 

  1. Plan Ahead: Anticipate your child's needs and plan accordingly. This includes having snacks, entertainment, and comfort items within reach.

  2. Frequent Breaks: Incorporate regular stops during road trips, allowing everyone to stretch their legs and recharge.

  3. Entertainment is Key: Keep your little ones engaged with games, books, and activities. Portable devices with their favorite shows or movies can be a lifesaver.

  4. Comfort Matters: Dress your child in comfortable layers, especially during long journeys, and choose a travel car seat that ensures both safety and comfort.

When it comes to selecting the best travel car seats for kids, consider the specific needs of your family. These three options cater to different preferences, providing a balance between safety, comfort, and convenience.

By combining the right travel gear, including comfortable sleep solutions and reliable car seats, you're not just traveling; you're creating lasting memories for your family.

Happy and safe travels!

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