Bundle Beds: Your Secret Weapon for Budget-Friendly Family Travel

Bundle Beds: Your Secret Weapon for Budget-Friendly Family Travel

Family adventures should be about creating memories, not breaking the bank!

That's one of the reasons we set up Bundle Beds. Not only do they ensure a comfortable night's sleep for your little ones but also puts the 'budget' back in family travel. In this blog, we'll explore how Bundle Beds can be your ultimate money-saving ally, from turning hotel stays into family-friendly spaces to making weekend getaways with friends both affordable and comfortable...

1. A Cozy Corner in Compact Spaces:

Say goodbye to the struggle of booking multiple hotel rooms or splurging on larger apartments. With Bundle Beds, you have the freedom to transform any space into a family haven. Simply ask the property in advance if it's okay to bring along your Bundle Beds for the kids. This not only allows you to enjoy more intimate spaces but also significantly cuts down on accommodation costs.

Budget Friendly AirBnb

2.Globetrotting with Ease:

Did you know that Bundle Beds fly for free when taken with a child under 15 years old? The perks of this don't end at local getaways – take the comfort of Bundle Beds abroad without worrying about extra baggage fees. For more details on this fantastic feature, check out our blog on Bundle Beds flying for free.

3. Real-Life Savings Stories:

Let's dive into real examples of families making the most of Bundle Beds to save money:

Dubrovnik Delight: One family saved a whopping €1800 on a week-long trip by opting for a Bundle Bed instead of shelling out for an extra room. A simple request for a travel cot and the use of their own bed for the youngest member turned a potential financial hurdle into significant savings. 

Family Holiday in Croatia Budget Friendly

“We found an amazing hotel in Dubrovnik, Croatia and went to book for our family of four. It was €1800 for a week for 2 adults and one child, but to add an extra bed it was going to be €3600 for the family as we had to have an extra room!! I requested a travel cot instead and explained that we’d be bringing our own bed for our youngest, and the hotel was happy with that. €1800 for the room, €1800 saved because of our Bundle Bed. Thank you 😊 “ ASHLEY, UK

AirBnb Affordability: Four families (8 adults and 9 kids to be precise!) rented a 4-bedroom AirBnb for a weekend away with friends, bringing the cost to under £1000. That's less than £250 for two nights' accommodation per family! Bundle Beds made this possible by turning the four double rooms into a family-friendly spaces with a quick unclip, unzip, and unroll.

Beyond the savings, Bundle Beds bring unmatched convenience and comfort to family travels. They self-inflate, eliminating the need for foot pumps or worrying about deflating airbeds in the middle of the night. Whether hosting the whole family during the holidays or planning a group getaway, Bundle Beds ensure a stress-free and budget-friendly experience.

*Responsible Travel Note* It's essential to note that responsible travel is at the core of using Bundle Beds in shared accommodations. Always message the property owner in advance, explain your plans, and inquire about any additional fees to cover utilities. It's a small courtesy that ensures a positive experience for everyone involved.

To conclude, investing in Bundle Beds is not just a smart decision; it's a family travel game-changer! From turning double rooms into family spaces to making international travels more budget-friendly, Bundle Beds prove that comfort and savings can go hand in hand. So, roll out the savings, unclip the convenience, and let Bundle Beds redefine the way your family explores the world – one cozy night's sleep at a time. 💤✈️

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