Bundle Beds Fly for Free!

Bundle Beds Fly for Free!

Planning to brave the airports this summer? Panicking about what to take and what it will set you back? Don’t worry. We have got you (air)covered.

Yes, there has been a decent dose of airport chaos already this summer with staff shortages and flight cancellations. The COVID hangover, it is fair to say, is not that of a 20-something. But whilst you may be feeling a little anxious about your long-awaited summer holiday flights we are here to take a little anxiety and expense out of the whole airport shizzle.

Because guess what?!

If you are travelling with children (stressful) you can bundle your Bundle Beds onto the plane for free (so not stressful!)...

We’ve checked with the main flight providers including EasyJet, Jet2, Ryan Air* and your Bundle Beds are included within the free items you are allowed to check-in for children up to the age of 15. Our Toddler, Junior and Classic Beds all fit within the ‘travel cot’ category for these airlines so you can check them in for diddley-squat. Nada. Bargain.

What makes this even more of a bargain is that you can avoid the cost of extra beds or extra hotel and Airbnb rooms on the other side. Within 2-4 trips your Bundle Beds will already have paid for themselves and its pure savings after that (or at least more money to spend on the making-memories part.)

So ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys, climb on board with Bundle Beds if you want to fly and save.

We have a Bundle Beds Travel Bag that is the perfect accessory for protecting your Bundle Bed whilst travelling... and gives a bit of extra packing room for those bulky towels!

Over and out. Lucy. (Captain Bundle)

*We’ve done our homework and taken flights with these companies to check that the theory works in practice but if in doubt, make sure you check directly with your airline too.

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