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Bed Bumper Set

Bed Bumper Set

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Gently contain a wriggly sleeper with these add-on inflatable, cotton-covered, safety bumpers. They come with a fitted waterproof sheet that includes zip-up pockets to hold the bumpers securely in place. Designed to fit perfectly on the Classic Bundle Bed or Tot-2-Ten Bundle Bed.

*Please note that the Bed Bumper Set does not fit Boosted Bundle Beds (8cm thick mattress)*

    Each Bed Bumper Set includes:

    • a waterproof fitted sheet (brushed jersey cotton on one side and waterproof liner on the other) with specially designed zip-close bumper pockets - choose a sheet to fit the Classic Bundle Bed (190cm long x 60cm wide) or Tot-2-Ten Bundle Bed (165cm long x 50cm wide). The bumpers will not fit a Boosted Bundle Bed (8cm thick mattress).
    • two inflatable bumpers to fit perfectly into the sheet pockets and slot snugly against the Bundle Bed mattress
    • bumpers are made with high-grade PVC plastic with double valve for easy breath inflation 
    *The Bed Bumper Set does not include a pump to help minimise unnecessary plastic. The bumpers are quick to inflate with 3-5 short breaths*
      • the deflated bumpers can stay in the sheet-pockets when the bed is rolled up and can be simply re-inflated from within the bed
      • remove the bumpers for washing

      Bundle Bed Bumper vital statistics:

      • Bumper dimensions - 122cm long x 10cm wide x 15cm high
      • Material - 0.25mm thick PVC



      Bumper Bedsheet:
      • Machine Wash Warm Gentle Cycle

      • Do Not Bleach

      • Tumble Dry Low

      • Do Not Iron

      • Do Not Dry Clean

      • Wipe with soapy water and leave to dry


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