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The Boosted Double Bundle - two boosted Bundle Beds plus a fitted double sheet

The Boosted Double Bundle - two boosted Bundle Beds plus a fitted double sheet

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This is our BOOSTED Double Bundle - two Bundle Beds with 8cm thick mattresses, and a double fitted sheet.

With only one item to grab, they make holidays, sleepover parties and visiting or hosting friends and family that little bit easier! Say goodbye to searching endlessly for the spare duvet, stealing a pillow, pulling together mismatching bed linen that’s seen better days: Bundle Beds are here to offer a great night’s sleep – anywhere. 

Two Bundle Beds complete with:

    • a c8m self-inflating mattress

    • an ultra-cosy duvet 

    • a pillow and soft 100% jersey cotton fitted sheet

    • duvet cover and pillow case

    • all of the above are machine washable

    • the duvet & pillows 100% recycled plastic bottles as their fill

  • The Double Bundle pack comes with a double fitted sheet for just £10 (RRP £24.99) to join the two beds together.

Bundle Bed vital statistics:

  • Single Unit Dimensions - 190 cm x 60 cm (the same length as a standard UK single bed)

  • Single Unit Weight - 6.5kg

  • Choose your colour combination.



Duvet, Pillow & Bedsheets:
  • Machine Wash Warm Gentle Cycle

  • Do Not Bleach

  • Tumble Dry Low

  • Do Not Iron

  • Do Not Dry Clean

  • Wipe with soapy water and leave to dry

Outer Layer:
  • Wipe with water and leave to dry



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