Outdoorsy date ideas for Valentine's Day

Outdoorsy date ideas for Valentine's Day

Ditch the roses and the extravagant dinner (not that we wouldn’t mind those too….), and brave the chill in the air to get outdoors with your partner-in-crime for a slightly old-fashioned, but seriously romantic, Valentine’s date.

Messing about in boats…

From Disney’s Little Mermaid to The Notebook, there is something about a lake, oars and romance! Consider hiring a row boat, taking armfuls of blankets or stuff in your Bundle Bed, and a hamper of goodies. 

Admittedly, February does not generally offer up classic boating weather and our London favourites – the Ally Pally Boating Lake (who can resist a swan pedalo?) and GoBoat London (who offer gift cards if you are looking for something a little different) – don’t gear up until March. So we suggest a wander through Little Venice or around your nearest water expanse. The sound of the birds; the lapping water; what more could you want for setting the mood? (Other than Sebastian the Crab serenading you of course...)

Presenting your love with a weekend away at The Lake (pictured above) would also be pretty special!


Aurora Borealis over EcoCamp GlensheeStargazing…

A clear(ish) night; a hill away from the worst of the light pollution; a bottle of fizz (or hip flask of whiskey to ward off the cold); and this couldn’t be an easier, or more romantic, evening together. Be sure to have lots of blankets and a waterproof groundsheet to lie – or roll out two Bundle Beds and snuggle down under the 15-tog duvets to gaze at the sky together.

Alternatively, book a night away at one of our winter camping recommendations - with brilliant glamping options too - for some fabulous stargazing opportunities and the option to retreat to cover, or a campfire, when you are sufficiently chilled!


Photo by Nick Zupancich

Sunset over the sea…

We all know the magic of the sound of the sea. Get yourself some fish and chips; lie a rug out on the cliffs, and watch the sun fall into the waves. Take a look here for some of the best beach sunsets in Britain.


Not close to the beach? Hire a VW camper and get yourself down there or, instead, visit one of these top urban spots to watch the sun drop below the skyline.

And, don’t forget your own back garden (or living room)...

Hire a bell tent, decorate with fairy lights and bring the wilderness closer to home. Or make like Cameron Diaz and Jude Law in The Holiday and set up a living room campout with romantic lighting, a simple carpet picnic and a comfy place to snuggle!

Portable double bed by Bundle Beds

A (portable) bed made for two!

Did we mention that two Bundle Beds join together to make a comfy, cosy - and portable - double bed?

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