Hip Hip Hip HOORAY!

Hip Hip Hip HOORAY!

It hardly seems a second since we were fashioning ideas out of a napkin for a comfy bed to take on adventures…and now that little idea, sparked over a few glasses of wine, has won not one, but two, children’s design awards!

Our mums have (somewhat placatingly) always agreed that Bundle Beds are the bee’s knees, but it really is something special when someone else thinks so too. Especially when it’s the amazing team at Junior Magazine.  They have selected the Bundle Bed, from a hot list of contenders, as their top PLATINUM winning travel product for parents

Judge Jo Tutchener-Sharp, and founder of Scamp & Dude, said:

We are massive fans of camping as a family and the Bundle Bed is genius – what a fantastic idea and love the design too!”

Sisters snoozing on their Bundle Beds

As our aim is to bring friends and family together, and make it a little easier (and more comfortable) to get out experiencing new places, we couldn't be happier with this recommendation.  So we nearly fell off our chairs when the Bundle Bed was also awarded the new Junior Design Award for the BEST-of-the-BEST in children's design.

Talking about our own achievements doesn’t come easy, but we’re pretty proud of this and can’t wait to see what the future holds as we work towards ensuring a great night’s sleep, anywhere!

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