Top Tips for Getting the Kids to Sleep on Christmas Eve

Top Tips for Getting the Kids to Sleep on Christmas Eve

Getting kids to bed on Christmas Eve is no small feat! With the excitement of the season buzzing in the air, there are still presents to wrap, stockings to hang, and last-minute preparations for the big day. It's a magical night filled with anticipation, but convincing little ones to drift off to sleep can be a challenge.

Fear not! We've compiled a list of top tips to help make this special night a bit more manageable. Download & print out our Christmas Eve checklist and let the kids tick off each of the steps... each one taking them closer to sleep (and you closer to the glass of something warm and the last minute present wrapping!)! Christmas Eve Checklist for Getting Kids to Sleep


  1. Wish people you love a Merry Christmas: Begin the evening with warmth and love. Take a moment to wish family and friends a Merry Christmas. This simple act sets a positive tone for the night.

  2. Get into PJs: Transform bedtime into a festive ritual by donning cosy Christmas pyjamas. The excitement of putting on special holiday sleepwear can make bedtime feel like a delightful event.

  3. Put out your stocking: Involve your little ones in the tradition of hanging stockings. Allow them to choose the perfect spot for Santa to leave surprises, building the anticipation for what the morning will bring.

  4. Prepare Father Christmas’s treat: Encourage kids to leave a thoughtful treat for Santa. Whether it's cookies, milk, or a handwritten note, this gesture adds a personal touch to the evening.

  5. Leave food for the reindeer: Extend the magic beyond Santa by leaving a treat for his hardworking reindeer. You could make up your own little mix of oats, seeds and Christmas sparkles (one of the activities in our Christmas Activity pack), or pop out a carrot to keep things simple.

  6. Unroll your Bundle Bed & snuggle in: Make bedtime extra cozy by preparing a special sleeping space. Unroll your Bundle Beds, creating a snug nest for a night of sweet dreams.

  7. Have a hot chocolate: A cup of hot chocolate can be the perfect bedtime beverage. The warmth and sweetness create a soothing bedtime routine that signals the end of the day.

  8. Read a Christmas Story: Wind down with a heartwarming Christmas story. Choose a favourite tale or make up a little tale about Father Christmas coming and how all children must be asleep for the magic to happen!

  9. Close your eyes and make a wish: Before drifting off, encourage your little ones to close their eyes and make a special Christmas wish. This final moment adds a touch of magic to the bedtime routine.

And just remember - Father Christmas can’t come until everyone's asleep so close those eyes and get some Zs!

We hope this helps to calm your little ones to sleep so that they're recharged and raring to go for a magical and very Merry Christmas!

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