Stocking Fillers for Kids

Stocking Fillers for Kids

We've got the gift of sleep covered with our Junior Bundle Bed - perfect from tots up to teens. Say goodbye to kids struggling to settle when you are away; the kids Bundle Beds provide children with their own bed away from home, ensuring a great night's sleep on the go. 

So that's the big gift covered, now what about the stocking?

Stocking fillers for kids can often involved throw away plastic tatt, bought in a last minute panic which we really want to avoid! We're on a mission to keep Christmas planet-friendly this year, so we've come up with a list of stocking fillers for kids from some of our favourite small businesses, to take one less thing off the Christmas to-do list. You'll sleep well knowing that not only are you buying planet-friendly gifts that won't end up in landfill, but you're also supporting small & mighty!

Stocking Budget - £30 ( £60 with "treat item" Little Hotdog Watson Hat)

Polar Post Believe Bar - £3.75


 Kids Stocking Fillers Christmas Chocolate Bar

Is there a company that's more magical than Polar Post? As well as the most beautifully written and crafted Christmas letters sent by magic from the Polar Post Office, Merry's Sweet Shop has an amazing selection of treats that you'd want to find at the bottom of your stocking on Christmas morning. We love this Believe bar, that reminds everyone to keep believing in the magic of Christmas.


Elephant Box Rainbow Straws - £7.00


 Kids Stocking Filler Ideas Elephant Metal Straws

Say goodbye to disposable plastic straws for good. Whether you're drinking smoothies, squash or a Christmas punch, this is the ultimate stainless steel straw. Plus, they'll brighten up the Christmas table with their cool iridescent rainbow colour!


Cotton.Twist Craft Packs - from £3.25


 Kids Stocking Fillers Christmas Craft Pack

Cotton Twist pride themselves on making activities & gifts you'll love to give, & children will love to receive. Wave goodbye to all that plastic, they provide crafts using a palette of raw materials from lolly sticks to boxes, & from twine to felt. We love their peg doll kits and bracelet making boxes.


Craft & Crumb Baking Kits - from £8.50


 Christmas Stocking Ideas Craft & Crumb Baking Set

From crafting to baking, our friends at Craft & Crumb provide the most amazing kits containing everything needed for your bake. They keep things simple, but you end up with the most amazing creations, from cupcake burgers to candy sushi, and all sort in between. They are an awesome idea for creative kids this Christmas.


Den Kit Co Potion Making Kits - from £7.50


Kids Stocking Fillers Den Potion Kit 

You can keep it simple and lower budget with the Den Kits Co's choice of four spell-binding potion making extension kits, that you can use with your own pots, spoons and cauldrons. Or treat them to the Potion Making Activity kit, designed to capture creative imaginations, and supply hours and hours of simple fun.


Treat Item

Little Hotdog Watson Hat - £30


 Kids Stocking Ideas Christmas Gift Little Watson Hat

Little Hotdog Watson have got the kids covered this Winter with their amazing cub hats. It's the only hat that our kids will actually keep on... Imagine a whole winter with little heads protected from the cold and rain! 



A complete waste of money, resources, and the efforts of everyone involved in making them. Lets be part of the solution and not add to the problem this Christmas.

Have a Wonderful Christmas filled with fun, adventure and bundles of sleep!

Bundle Beds was founded on the principle of less stuff and more adventures (aided by more sleep!) and we're committed to making honestly crafted, practical and sustainable products that enable people to make the most of their time on this planet. We believe that all of the gift ideas that we've given to you above also fit into this bracket, and will help to make Christmas magical and sustainable.

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