Top Ten Products for Toddler Adventures

Top Ten Products for Toddler Adventures

Whether it's staying over at a friend’s house, trying out a family festival, or camping for the first time, Bundle Beds has always been about helping you say yes to everyday adventures. Our Kids Bundle Beds have been designed specifically for little ones, providing a familiar sleep space – safe, secure and snug – for wherever their adventures take them.

As a mother of two boys (Arthur 4yrs and Dougal 3yrs) I have a few favourite items that I pack alongside our Bundle Beds to ensure that  our advenures are a success...

1. Micro-scooter - Mini Micro 3-in-1 Classic.

Mini Micro Deluxe Scooter - Aqua | Mini micro scooter, Mini micro, Micro  scooterWe absolutely LOVE our Micro-scooters as they are the perfect energy blaster if they boys ever need to let off some steam - plus if it rains, you can't beat scooting through puddles with your waterproofs on!
We've found that most campsites have a concrete track or path nearby, and they also make walks to the local shop much quicker and easier. They also fold away into a really compact size so that they can slot into the car without taking up much boot space - a complete winner in our opinion!

2. Dinoski - eco-friendly clothing, designed for adventures.

The Dinoski range of clothes not only look brilliant, but are all made from recycled plastic bottles, making them eco-friendly too. From skiing or puddle jumping in their snowsuits in the winter, to keeping safe in the sun in their Dinosea range, these clothes were designed for the outdoors and 'roarsome' adventures! 

3. Pots for Tots - food pots for all ages from 8 months to 6 years old.

Whether it's to make life easy when you return from a trip away with the kids, or to take with you for simple meals on the go, Pots for Tots are the ideal quick fix meal for busy parents. We know that good food is just as important as a great night's sleep, so making sure that kids get both whilst you're away means that everyone is happy!

4. Little Hotdog Watson - the best adventure hats for Summer or Winter.

Behind the seams with Little Hotdog Watson | Norfolk Network
Not only do Little Hotdog Watson hats look awesome, they are also super practical too. Their Summer hats are the best kids sun hat to protect on adventures big and small, with UV and mosquito protection. And their Winter hats are extra-warm and water resistant hat for the best protection. They make family adventures less stressful + more stylish.

5. Little Yeo Yoghurts - dinky pots or pouches of fruity yogurt – perfect for little tummies.

Wipak UK celebrates market success of new Yoghurt Pouches - British  Plastics and Rubber
We've always been big fans of Yeo Valley yoghurts as they are organic and contain no nasties. Their Little Yeo pots are the perfect size for a pudding after a meal out, and their pouches are perfect for little adventurers and life on the go! Pop them in your cool box when camping, or have them in the fridge for a quick and easy to grab snack after a long walk.

6. Squelch Wellies - always prepared for a muddy day in the UK!

Walking in Squelch Wellies // AD - Life According to MrsShilts

Is there ever a camping trip or holiday in the UK without rain? Wellies are always an essential for a family adventure, and Squelch wellies add that extra element of fun. The boots themselves are see-through, and they have a whole host of fun, bright socks that can be worn underneath - you can choose them depending on the season or your mood!

7. Bear Snacks - my go to for treats when out and about.

Making Mudpies with BEAR Nibbles Outdoor Alphabet Cards - We're going on an  adventure

Bear snacks are my go to treat for the kids when we're camping. They're ideal as they can be stored at room temperature, they're packed with goodness, and most importantly, the kids LOVE them! I often use them as walk bribes to extend the length of time without them on my shoulders!

8. Play in Choc - like a plastic free kinder egg!

PLAYin CHOC - Chocolat surprise biologique - Au son des grillons

Not only do Play in Choc boxes make great adventure prizes at the end of a busy day, they are brilliant to give as gifts for friends. They are ethically sourced and plastic free, and the chocolate is utterly delicious. The perfect treat on a fun adventure.

9. Izipizi sunglasses - everyday sunglasses that put a smile on your face


These sunglasses are so cute but more importantly they actually stay on! We've always found it so difficult to find glasses that stay on the kids, but these are absolutely brilliant and the kids love wearing them. Whether they are out in the snow on a sunny day, or play on the beach, we always take our Izipizi sunglasses with us.


And finally, this isn't an item that I take with me on my travels (although if there was a travel version I definitely would!), but during lockdown, and for miserable days when staying indoors is a better option, this has been that BEST product in our house.

10. Totter & Tumble - one-piece memory foam playmats

The Wanderer Luxury Stylish One-piece greenish grey Playmat – Totter +  TumbleIt makes the best base for indoor dens, and is an ideal surface for indoor obstacle courses or jumping platforms, as it softens the landing and decreases the chances of bumps and bruises!

Happy Adventuring! 


If you have any questions at all, or any products to recommend to us, then please email us or message me on Instagram. We're excited to hear from you!

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