Making the most of the Dark Winter Nights...

Making the most of the Dark Winter Nights...

Here at Bundle Beds, we are all about jam-packing days full of adventure and bundling into the outdoors for fresh air fun. 

We've linked up with our friends at Grass & Air to find out their top tips for getting out and about in the darker evenings, as we all know that fresh air is the elixir of sleep! They've given us a whole host of ideas and  keeping your kids entertained this festive period, and once back inside you can cosy up in a Bundle Bed for your favourite family movie!

Winter is on the horizon and although we have lots to look forward to (Christmas, of course) the days are shorter and colder making it difficult for outdoor fun. That being said, there’s still plenty to do outside this season, even after the sun has set and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune either. It’s always super important for children to get there time outside and if you’re looking for some free things to do with them, then you’ve come to the right place.


Try stargazing

Getting Outside in Winter Stargazing

One of our favourite things about the darker evenings is getting to see all the twinkling stars in the night sky. It really is the clearest time to look for them. That’s why star gazing is a perfect idea for winter, and your children will love it! There are also many stargazing apps to help you like Star Walk 2 or Star Tracker, both of which are completely free! Wrap up your children (maybe in some fleece lined wellies for warmth, or unroll a Bundle Bed for a cosy base), head outdoors and look up at the sky. Who knows what beauty you might find?


Visit a community light switch-on

 Ideas for Darker Evenings with Kids Light Switch On

As the nights begin to get darker, the closer it comes to light switch on season. In every city and sometimes even in many towns, the community comes together to watch the switch on of Christmas lights. This free activity is great because it’s so accessible and fantastic for children to watch. Depending on where you live there is also often music, food, fireworks and even celebrity guests so there’s lots of look forward to. Watching all the lights glisten in the dark is truly magical and your little ones will love it! Check out your local community page to see the dates for your own switch on and enjoy the show.


Have a campfire

There’s nothing cosier than a campfire during winter and it can make being outside in the cold so much better. This is a super quick and easy activity that you can do just about anywhere! You could have one in your own garden or even while you’re camping at a campsite, as there are many throughout the UK that allow them. You could toast marshmallows (yum!), tell stories, play games or even just catch up as a family in the glow of the fire. Of course if you're staying overnight or just fancy some added warmth, you can unroll a Classic Bundle Bed! They’re comfy, they’re easy and your little ones will love them! And they’re not just for outdoors either, head back inside for a Christmas sleepover or festive movies nights! 


Do some winter crafts

 winter Craft Idea with Kids and natural materials

Who doesn’t love some family crafts? If your children love making things then winter is full of opportunities. When there are pinecones, colourful leaves and acorns everywhere, the list of things you could make is endless! From DIY baubles to seasonal wreathes, your children can get creative and decorate the house with whatever they’ve made. Pinterest is a really good place to start if you need some winter crafts inspiration. It’s a completely free activity as everything you need is right on your doorstep. Spend an hour or two collecting the decor with your children and then get creating. It’ll be so much fun!


Make a winter scavenger hunt

A scavenger hunt is always a great activity and it’s one that the children really love! You could create your own winter scavenger hunt or even find one online as the internet is full of resources. It can take place wherever suits you best, including the comfort of your own garden. You could even do the scavenger hunt in the dark with torches if there are plenty of adults and a safe place to play. It’s an easy and free activity to keep you busy as a family. And hey, maybe there will even be a prize to win at the end.


Play with shadows

 Shadow Puppets

And continuing with the darkness, there really is no better time to make the most of your shadows than in the dark, and as we know, winter brings lots of it! As long as you have a light of sorts for this activity, you’re good to go. Your children will love creating funny shadows. You could make a dog, a dinosaur, and maybe even put on a shadow puppet show. It’s a free activity to do wherever you like, and it’ll keep your little ones entertained for ages. A fantastic activity to really get the imagination going.


Create your own glow stick bowling game

DIY Glow Stick Bowling Game 

How about you DIY a game? If you’ve got any empty bottles or even small containers, then you can make your own bowling set. Yep! Pop some glow sticks in the bottles, grab a ball and get competitive! It really is a quick and easy DIY that will give your children the chance to get some fresh air. And it’s safe to say it’s much cheaper than taking your little ones to a bowling alley, which can sometimes get pricey. Wrap up warm and make your own fun at home.

Hopefully, we have given you some family fun inspiration for the upcoming season. We wish you a wonderful winter and can’t wait to see what you get up to.

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