Gifts for Little Ones that aren't just for Christmas

Gifts for Little Ones that aren't just for Christmas

Our experience with under 3s opening presents on Christmas Day is that they're more interested in the boxes and wrapping paper, than the presents themselves!

So rather than throw a tonne of presents their way, that will soon get tossed to one side, we've always used Christmas and birthdays as an opportunity to buy the useful, practical and long lasting items that will see them through a good few years.

We're sure that you'll be getting inundated with requests for ideas of what to buy the kids from family and friends, so to make life a bit easier, we've put together a list of our favourites. We're sure that they'll not only be a big hit with the kids, but will fill years and years of fun and adventure, rather than landfill...

1. Toddler/Junior Bundle Bed - from £250

Tot-2-Ten Kids Travel Bed 

Are we allowed to put our own product first? Well if not, we've done it anyway as we really can't stress enough how awesome our Kids Bundle beds are! 

If you are struggling to squeeze the family in this Christmas, or you’re heading away but don’t want to pay for expensive extra hotel rooms, sleepless nights or add to your hosts’ mountains of laundry then we’ve got you covered. And, remember, the gift of sleep isn’t just for Christmas. With Bundle Beds you can banish sleepless camping trips, put the sleep back into sleepovers and provide the perfect charging cradle for the family whatever adventures lie ahead.

2. Totter & Tumble Playmat- £140

Totter & Tumble Play Mat

Finally a super soft and comfortable playmat that is practical yet stylish, and far removed from the garish jigsaw puzzle style foam mat that you want to hide as soon as the kids have gone to sleep! 

We absolutely love our Totter & Tumble playmats - one lives in my office and has become my favourite place to do yoga, and the other is in the playroom, making  time on the floor playing with the kids SO much more comfortable! They will make ideal mats to put in front of the Christmas tree for the hours of playing that will follow after unwrapping - and you won't be cursing as you stand from sore knees from a hard floor!

3. Family Rule - £150

Family Rule Height Chart

"Children grow up so fast"... so let's keep a record of it!

How wonderful to be able to measure how quickly they grow, with the most beautiful Height Chart around. No need to draw lines on the kitchen wall and then potentially loose those memories when you move house... Your Family Rule will become part of the furniture, recording the growth of your children from the moment they’re born. You can add in your friends and family to create a treasured snapshot of memories shared over the years.

4. Mud Kitchen- £469.00

Mud Kitchen

We LOVE getting outdoors, and know that getting kids outside to play always creates happy memories. Mud Kitchens are so fantastic for encouraging creative play, and mud has SO many health benefits... from building a child’s immune system to increasing the levels of seratonin in our brains, helping to relax, soothe and calm - absolutely ideal, what's not to love!

5. Bobbin Bikes- £199.99

 Bobbin Bike

Possibly one of the most beautiful kids bikes out there, Bobbin bikes make miniature versions of their adult bikes, but designed for ages 2 years plus.

With colour-matched mudguards, smart little brown grips, matching stabilisers, a "ding-dong" bell and a gorgeous bobbin saddle, it really is a beautiful gift for Christmas and beyond. 

6. Micro Scooter 3-in-1 - £117.95

MicroScooter 3-in-1

Our kids ADORE their Micro-scooters, and when they grow out of them, they're still good enough to hand down to youngers cousins or friends.

The Mini Micro 3in1 Push Along is ideal as a ride-on scooter with a steering handle from 12 months, right through to a perfect scooter ffrom 2 years through to starting school. It will be only scooter you’ll need from first steps to first days at school, and it certainly makes the school run faster and more fun!

7. Meminio Memory Boxes - £185.00

Memino Memory Boxes

An absolutely stunning way to store precious keepsakes, and memories.

The Meminio Memory Cases can be filled with everything from the first pregnancy scan to the tiny hospital wristband, their first pair of shoes to school reports. With enough space to fill with keepsakes for years, this gender-neutral case is the perfect way to cherish and share a lifetime of wonderful memories.

Happy Shopping! 

Bundle Beds was founded on the principle of less stuff and more adventures (aided by more sleep!) and we're committed to making honestly crafted, practical and sustainable products that enable people to make the most of their time on this planet. We believe that all of the gift ideas that we've given to you above also fit into this bracket, and will help to make Christmas magical and sustainable.

Do you have any other fun gift ideas for little ones? Please let me know in an email or on Instagram.


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