Five Fun Halloween Tricks to get the Family Howling with Laughter...

Five Fun Halloween Tricks to get the Family Howling with Laughter...

We think that Halloween is the perfect opportunity to play a few tricks on the kids, because lets face it, they give us enough grief throughout the year! Here are a few easy ideas for you to give them a bit of a spook, or to join forces and perhaps scare other family members...


Make some Halloween tape ghosts. 

We absolutely love the idea of these Halloween tape ghosts. You could either scare the kids by making one to hide outside in the garden, or work together and hide it in the hallway to scare visitors!

Bring to life a bowl of edible worms. 

What about serving up a bowl of worms made out of jelly for a special treat. Fill bendy straws in a jar with jelly mix and let them set over night to make your very own bowl of wriggly worms... 

Hide creepy crawlies in the house. 

This one is probably the most simple of the tricks to play, but arguably there isn’t a better trick than buying fake cockroaches or spiders and hiding them in unsuspected places. My personal favourite is to freeze spiders in ice trays and serve them up in a drink, or hide them in the bathtub for a bubbly spook!

Mix up a spooky drink. 

How brilliant to serve up a drink with eyeballs... This rather gruesome Eyeball punch is really simple but very effective - a complete winner! 

Write Secret Message...

Prep this trick the night before Halloween to start the day with a fright: Dip your finger or a cotton swab in some washing up liquid, and write a creepy invisible message like “I’m watching you", or draw a spooky ghost. When your victim takes a shower and the mirror fogs up, your words or picture will mysteriously appear.

Any other ideas for Halloween tricks to play? Please let me know in an email or on Instagram – and do send over any pics, we love seeing them!

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