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Making Memories - Festive Activities for the Whole Family

The holiday season is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than by creating memorable moments with your loved ones? We've put together a fantastic printable set of Christmas activities designed to add a sprinkle of joy and excitement to your family festivities.

Downloadable Advent Activities for the Whole Family

Whether you're looking to fill an advent calendar, create a boredom-busting jar, or simply need inspiration for some festive family fun, our list of activities has you covered.

Advent Calendar Activities DIY

Most of the activities require very little "stuff", and most of the bits required you'll have at home anyway. There is a full list of things you'll need at the back of the print out, and here are a few of our favourite small businesses to buy bits from to make them extra special...

Cocoba Chocolate - for amazing hot chocolate bombs, and bars of chocolate.

Festive Fingerprints - for gorgeous DIY Christmas cards.

Small & Wild - for delicious teas to have at the tea party.

Den Kit Co - for brilliant den building kits.

Toast'd - for indoor marshmallow toasting kits for making s'mores.

Northern Dough Co - for the best ready made pizza dough (and their cookie dough is brilliant too!).

Here's the list of ideas with a bit more info on how to do them... Let the holiday magic begin!

  1. Make a Chocolate Slab: Kick off the season with a sweet treat! Lay out bars of chocolate on a sheet of baking paper and opo in the oven for a couple of minutes so that the chocolate melts. Take it out of the oven and use a chopstick or stick to swirl the chcolate around. Add on sprinkles and toppings to create your very own slab. Pop it in the fridge to harden and then either enjoy together or break it up and pop it into little bags for treats to share.

  2. Have a Christmas Movie Night: Snuggle up in your Bundle Beds with some popcorn & treats for a cozy Christmas movie night. Let the holiday classics warm your hearts.

  3. Play a Game Together: Unplug and engage in some quality family time with board games or card games. Laughter guaranteed!

  4. Read a Christmas Story: Share the magic of the season by reading a heartwarming Christmas story together - It's a tradition that never gets old. What about unrolling the Bundle Beds to snuggle down into for extra cosiness! 

  5. Make a Gingerbread House out of Cardboard: Get creative with a gingerbread house craft – no baking required! Let imaginations run wild with cardboard, white pens, glue, and decorations.

  6. Make a Christmas Tree Decoration: Add a personal touch to your Christmas tree with handmade decorations. It's a delightful way to express your family's unique style, whether you buy some ready to decorate baubles, or craft them from what you have at home, it'll be fun to each hang one on the Christmas tree.

  7. Take a Fun Family Photo: Capture the joy of the season with a festive family photo. Why not pop on the Christmas jumpers, or all get into PJs, oryou could even play around with the lighting, dimming the main lights and using torches for fun lighting options. 

  8. Cook Something Together: Whether you prepare a delicious Christmas meal together, or just bake your favourite Christmas treat, it'll be fun to cook with each other.Family Christmas Cooking

  9. Make Fingerprint Christmas Cards: Create personalised Christmas cards using fingerprints. It's a crafty and sentimental way to spread holiday cheer.

  10. Cosy up with a Hot Chocolate: Warm up with hot chocolate topped with marshmallows and whipped cream. Perfect for a chilly winter evening.

  11. Make S’mores: Bring the campfire treats indoors, melt marshmallows and chocolate and make s'mores together. A deliciously gooey treat for the whole family! And if it's dry, why not toast the marshmallows outside on an actual fire for extra fun!

  12. Eat Dinner Outside: Embrace the crisp winter air by having dinner outdoors. Put together a picnic, take a thermos of soup and some hot rolls or why not dig out the camping stove for a sausage sizzle? Add some twinkling lights for extra magic.

  13. Do Something Kind for Someone: Spread the spirit of giving by performing random acts of kindness as a family. It's a wonderful way to make a positive impact on others.

  14. Play Christmas Music & Have a Disco: Turn up the volume, clear some space, and have a festive dance party. It's guaranteed to lift everyone's spirits.

  15. Have Dinner by Candlelight: Turn off the lights, light the candle and create a magical atmosphere for dining by candlelight. It's a simple yet enchanting way to make family dinners extra special.

  16. Make Your Own Wrapping Paper: Add a personal touch to your gifts by creating custom wrapping paper. You can buy rolls of plain brown craft paper, or just use A4 sheets of white paper. Unleash your artistic flair and let the wrapping become a gift in itself!

  17. Build a Den: Transform your living room into a cozy hideaway by building a den with blankets and pillows. It's the perfect spot for family bonding and storytelling, and an ideal spot to unroll your Bundle Beds!

  18. Go for a Winter Walk: Embrace the beauty of winter with a brisk family walk. Bundle up and explore your local surroundings, enjoying the crisp air and maybe even some snowflakes.

  19. Go Christmas Light Spotting: Take an evening stroll through your neighborhood, or pop in the car if you know of some brilliant lights nearby, and admire the twinkling Christmas lights. It's a festive way to enjoy the holiday decorations.

  20. Make Your Own Gift Tags: Put a personal stamp on your gifts by crafting your own unique gift tags. It's a small detail that adds a big dose of thoughtfulness.Family Christmas Crafts

  21. Make & Send a Christmas Card to Someone: Spread holiday cheer by crafting a personalised Christmas card and sending them to friends or family members. It's a heartfelt way to connect with loved ones.

  22. Make Your Own Pizzas: Turn dinner into a creative activity by making your own pizzas. Set up a toppings station, maybe make the dough into fun festive shapees and let each family member design their own.

  23. Make Reindeer Food: Get ready for Santa's arrival by making magical reindeer food. It's a simple mix of any oats, cereals, seeds and glittery bits to sprinkle on the lawn, ensuring Santa's reindeer have a tasty treat.

  24. Make a Menu for Father Christmas & the Reindeer: Help Santa plan his midnight snack by creating a festive menu. Discuss and decide on the treats you'll leave out on Christmas Eve.

  25. Go Sledging: If you're blessed with snowy weather, grab your sleds and hit the hills for some classic winter fun. It's a thrilling activity for all ages.

  26. Have a Christmas Song Sing Along: Gather around the fireplace or the Christmas tree and belt out your favorite holiday tunes. It's a festive way to create musical memories.

  27. Write a Letter to Father Christmas: Encourage the little ones to pen their Christmas wishes and send a letter to Santa. It's a timeless tradition that sparks excitement and anticipation.

  28. Have a Snowball Fight: When the snow falls, bundle up and head outside for a friendly family snowball fight. It's laughter and joy in the form of fluffy white projectiles.

  29. Come up with a Job for Christmas Day: Involve the whole family in the preparations by assigning each member a special task for Christmas Day. It adds a sense of responsibility and teamwork to the festivities.

  30. Make Homes for Hibernating Animals: Combine creativity with compassion by crafting homes for hibernating animals. It's a thoughtful way to care for wildlife during the winter months.

  31. Make & Take Something to a Neighbour: Spread neighbourly love by creating a homemade treat or craft and delivering it to a neighbour. It's a gesture that fosters community spirit.

  32. Go on a Winter Treasure Hunt: Plan a winter-themed treasure hunt around your home or neighborhood. It's a delightful way to keep the family entertained and engaged, or if you've got leftover Halloween chocolate, this is a good way to get rid of it!!

  33. Do a Christmas Scavenger Hunt: Create a list of festive items or clues and embark on a Christmas scavenger hunt as a family. It adds an element of excitement and adventure to the holiday season.

Rather than making Christmas about stuff, why not create some fun memories that will last a lifetime. From creative crafts to outdoor adventures, these activities are designed to bring joy, laughter, and a sense of togetherness during the most wonderful time of the year.

So, print out the list, gather your loved ones, and let the holiday magic unfold!

Printable Christmas Activities

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