Bundle Beds Love: Christmas pyjamas for kids (that they'll want to wear year-round)

Bundle Beds Love: Christmas pyjamas for kids (that they'll want to wear year-round)

With the Halloween outfits tucked back in the cupboard and the last of the fireworks exploded, our thoughts are - you guessed it - turning to Christmas!

Here at Bundle HQ, Christmas Eve is about snuggling down with the Mini Bundlers in a living room campout under the Christmas tree, complete with hot chocolate, the latest Julia Donaldson on the TV, and Santa on his way.

We love the new Christmas Eve box tradition, especially finding the perfect pair of cosy pyjamas for the excitement and anticipation of Christmas morning. But, whilst we like Rudolph and Frosty as much as the next person, we're not quite on board (yet!) with PJs the kids wear for a few days and are then out of season by New Year. Just call us Scrooge! 

There are some beautiful independent brands creating high quality, super soft nightwear, that you'll love watching the kids run around in on Christmas morning - as well as on any other day of the year! Here are a few of our favourites to help fill the kids' Christmas Eve gift boxes.

Atticus & Gilda

Christmas pajamas for the Christmas Eve box: an Atticus and Gilda short-sleeved children's nightie

This gorgeous, below-the-knee, short-sleeved nightie (£35) conjures up images of roaring fires and stockings pinned to the fireplace. Atticus & Gilda is the creation of two costume designers who, inspired by their work on hit musical productions, create designs that are sprinkled with the magic of the theatre.

The Bright Company

Christmas pajamas for the Christmas Eve box: The Bright Company Christmas pajama collection

The new limited edition Christmas Collection from Bright Company, featuring a geometric, snowflake-inspired, print is perfect for a festive feel, without the need for red, or green, or gold. Made with GOTS certified organic cotton these slim jyms (£32) are luxuriously cosy – and for some family matchy-matchy on Christmas morning there are men’s and women’s versions too.

Sleepy Doe

Christmas pajamas for the Christmas Eve box:  Sleepy Doe's popular moon and stars pajama set

This super soft unisex PJ set (£28) by Sleepy Doe - a British brand specialising in children's sleepwear - is knitted, printed and made ethically in the UK in a small family-run factory. Cosy but short-sleeved, they're great for those kids that can't bear long tops at night. If you want to go brighter and bolder, there's also a pink and neon version.

Bernie & the Beanpole

Christmas pajamas for the Christmas Eve box: Bernie and the Beanpole pajamas with geometric prints and pops of colour

We love Bernie & the Beanpole here at Bundle HQ (check out their bobble hats too – gorgeous!). These soft 100% cotton jimjams (£20) come in two geometric prints and stand out colours for sibling co-ordination without the matching.

Beau & Rooster

Christmas pajamas for the Christmas Eve box: Beau and Rooster organic cotton pajamas in a pink leopard print

Not Christmassy in any way at all …. but how FABULOUS are these pink leopard (£34) pyjamas? Beau & Rooster was created in 2016 by three dads who met in a Parisienne park after dropping their kids off at school. Their attention to detail is first rate with room-to-grow foldable cuffs, printed neck labels so no itching, and super smooth flat-lock seams. If you’re looking for something a little more wintery, their Dragonfly design will fit the bill. 

PJ Mamma

Christmas pajamas for the Christmas Eve box: PJ Mamma matching sibling set of reindeer pajamas and romper

We couldn’t go without showing a little Christmas exuberance, especially when it comes as cute as this! This sibling collection is 100% organic cotton with the best quality inks and a little hand sewn pom pom nose. You can buy one romper or pyjama set (£21) and choose extra ones to match, all wrapped up in a coordinated cotton bag. There’s mum and baby versions too.

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