Make the Most of the Long Summer Evenings

Make the Most of the Long Summer Evenings

 We love the lighter evenings that Summer brings.

With Summer holidays on the horizon, the morning rush to get kids up, dressed and off to school is almost over, and bedtime can become slightly later. This means that we get to spend more time as a family so we’ve put together some ideas for spending quality family time on Summer Evenings...

1. An Alfresco Supper

Whether you pack up a picnic and head to your favourite park, get a BBQ going in the garden, or simply head of the coast for a fish & chip supper, you can't beat a meal outside.

2. A Summer Stroll

Some days it's just easier to feed the troops indoors, however you could have a meal together and then head off for a lovely walk in the local park or wood. If you have little ones that aren't so keen for a march, then take an ice cream or dessert to have on route. Not only is it lovely to soak up the last of the sunshine, but we find the fresh air before bed often leads to a better night's sleep.

3. A Nighttime Campfire

Whether this is in your garden, or at a beautiful spot nearby, a campfire is such a fun activity to do before bed. Toast some marshmallows and make s'mores or simply collect some pine cones to throw into the fire and watch them sizzle and crack. 

4. A Camp Out

Do you have a campsite nearby, or enough space to pitch a tent in the garden? You don't need to go all out on the camping set up if you're just looking to have a fun camp out for one night. Pitch the tent, unroll your Bundle Beds and enjoy the Summer Sunset. Eat before you go, or take something that's easy to eat, and maybe grab some pastries for breakfast, or even better, find a local cafe for a breakfast treat!

5. Dive in for a Swim

Is there an outdoor pool near you? Or maybe you live by the sea, or a swimming lake/stream? Why not grab your swimmers for an after dinner dip and dive in for some cool fun.

6. A Outdoor Movie Night

Going to an open-air movie night is a popular summer tradition, but have you ever thought about setting up a cinema in your own garden? Unroll your Bundle Beds, or set up some comfy pillows, grab a cold drink and some yummy snacks and watch your favourite family movie. Here's some top tips for setting up an Outdoor Cinema at Home.

Whatever you get up to, please do let us know, and share any extra ideas with us - you can't beat a British Summer Evening!

For more ideas on Summer fun, take a look at our Summer Reading List for Kids, or some top tips for surviving a long car journey with kids. We've tested them out on our camping adventure and can confirm that they have been a huge hit!

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