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Delicious campfire food from Lizzie Loves Healthy

We at Bundle Beds love food almost as much as we love travelling. We’re always on the look out for delicious, easy, and nutritious grub, especially with the baby Bundlers extending the team over the last year. So, we were very excited to discover Lizzie King and her taste-bud tempting food blog, Lizzie Loves Healthy (the baby Bundlers highly recommend her chocolate-oatie pancakes!). 

She has been kind enough to let us pick her brains on a few of her favourite things, who she'd like round her campfire and, of course, the best food to eat there!  

Camping in the woods

Please tell us a little about yourself

I'm a mum of three, author of 'Lizzie Loves Healthy Family Food', nutritional health coach and an accidental blogger.  I'm an all or nothing, last minute everything, chaotic and impulsive West Londoner with a piece of my heart in the Italian hills where we've had a home since before I was born.

What motivated you to start on your cooking adventures?

My greed! I think about food, cooking, eating and feeding my kids or friends for a terrifying percentage of the day! 

When was the last time someone cooked for you? What did they cook?

Lots of my friends are incredible cooks. Last week we went to a friend's house and she’d created a massive Iranian feast. Lots of marinated feta, pitta and houmous, barbecued spicy lamb kebabs, grilled curried chicken thighs and beautiful salads. And a never-ending stream of delicious Rioja. Perfect summer evening. 

Camping or glamping? (Or neither - that’s allowed!)

I'm such an extreme I'm either up for a super luxe, proper bed, glamping affair or a really DIY under-the-stars thing we do in Italy. A big campfire to cook things over in the dark. Lots of delicious trays of food. Happy kids rolled into your heavenly Bundle Beds. Some scary stories. Sticky bananas. Sleeping under the stars with no tents. We often end up driving home in the night as too many kids have woken up to the sound of wild boar or deer sniffling nearby. 

If you are sitting round a campfire, under the stars, who would you want to be with and what would you be eating?

My kids and my husband as a given, then Ottolenghi making me a feast of barbecued marinated meats and fresh spicy salads, Russell Brand to tell stories and keep the energy levels up! And essentially, Chris Martin singing us to sleep strumming on his guitar. 

What do you need for a comfy night’s sleep?

It's mainly a temperature, fresh air, thing - maybe I'm a natural camper! An open window, whatever the weather! No A/C. A feather pillow. And duvet. No sweaty nylon. 

Where is your dream breakfast location and what would you be eating?

On safari in Africa somewhere. Looking over some dusty plains with animals roaming, being fed mountains of fresh fruit and yoghurt. My kids love piles of croissants and rolls with jam, and eggs, bacon and all those goodies too.

And finally, we absolutely love your book and recipes. What are your top camping snacks?

On a recent trip to Italy we had a magical feast of rosemary garlic potatoes, crispy risotto tray bake, and caramel banana pots.

Have you got a copy of Lizzie’s amazing book ‘Lizzie Loves Healthy Family Food’ yet? If not, head over to Amazon and grab a copy. You won’t regret it!

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