Krowd Fund Podcast

8th March 2016

"Somewhere between high school and college, the act of crashing on a friend’s sofa took a terrible turn for the worse.

 Instead of being a comfortable place for a friend to close his eyes, the couch became ground zero for pranking. The amount of alcohol you consumed the night before had a direct correlation to how bad things could get, but some of the go-to moves included using your friend as a canvas for sharpie art or seeing how high you could stack random objects on top of them.

If I had a Bundle Bed back in those days though, I could have gotten a good night’s sleep in a place that I knew I would be undisturbed.

The Bundle Bed is a total sleeping solution that can be rolled out in seconds, providing you a good night’s sleep wherever you may be..." [Read more]


Screenshot of the Krowd Fund website with a photo of a Bundle Bed on top of a beach rock