Why we’re Choosing Love over more stuff this Christmas...

Why we’re Choosing Love over more stuff this Christmas...

And you can too. It's time to give back...

My brother Rob and I, and the little business that I founded six years ago just survived one of our toughest years with the double whammy of COVID and Brexit hurling unprecedented challenges our way. But we’re still here. Like the buckles on our beds we’ve borne the 1.5 tonne weight. If you are reading this, you have made it through too. Congrats and thanks for being here.

Having made it this far, we have decided that it is time to give back alongside another brand we have loved for a long time who feels exactly the same way; Magnificent StanleyThis is why we have decided to Choose Love this Christmas.

Alongside the gorgeous Magnificent Stanley, we have created a limited edition, one time only Bundle Bed and a personalised Magnificent Stanley top, to raffle for Choose Love in the run up to Christmas. 

Bundle Beds x Magnificent Stanley Tot-2-Ten Bundle Bed

Why Choose Love?

Well, we've always been about providing a good night's sleep wherever life takes you and about allowing people to be together. But we're also acutely aware that some journeys are not chosen but forced due to war, political regimes or climate change. That, in some 'camp sites' it’s not just a decent night’s kip that's at stake but homes and families and lives. If we are truly about supporting people on the move and helping people to be together then we Choose Love who are doing incredible work to get essential funds and resources to displaced people living in freezing refugee camps this winter.

Choose Love Emergency Shelter

Becky at Magnificent Stanley is on the same page. She creates gorgeous, personal designs on her beautiful kids' clobber that celebrates uniqueness, difference and acceptance. Choose Love is an easy leap for her to make too.

Magnificent Stanley Choose Love top

As well as raffling off our completely unique Bundle Bed to raise tonnes of money for Choose Love we’ll also be donating a warm blanket and sleeping bag from the Choose Love store for every Bundle Bed that is bought between now and the end of the year.

Choose Love

Yes, buying a Bundle Bed does mean buying more stuff. But our brand of ‘stuff’ is planet-friendly and built to last. So it won’t be part of the 10% of presents that end up in landfill this year. There’s also no need to wrap it – swap bows for buckles and unwrapping for unrolling and there won’t be a shred of waste paper in sight.

Choosing Love and choosing to only make products that are good for the planet are how we are showing up, now and not just for Christmas.

Whatever you choose to do, we hope you’ll Choose Love with us in whatever form that takes for you. Personally, we think Bobby, age 7 nails it with this: 

 “Love is what’s in the room with you at Christmas if you stop opening presents and listen.’

Sometimes the smallest voices have the biggest clout. Especially if we stand together.

Roll with us and get your Choose Love raffle ticket here.

Buy a Bundle Bed and gift a blanket here.

If you're looking for some inspiration for a Sustainable Christmas this year, then take a look at our blog about How to Make Magic Sustainable this Christmas or perhaps some Christmas PJs that the kids will wear all year round.

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