Bundle Beds: “Love the look of them, but aren’t they a bit pricey?”

Bundle Beds: “Love the look of them, but aren’t they a bit pricey?”

Do you like Bundle Beds but wondered whether they’re worth the money? (You can be honest with us!) At the best of times, but especially right now, ££ signs are important and where you put your hard-earned cash is not to be taken lightly. We know you could choose to pick up an air mat for a few quid but here’s why we think the investment in a Bundle Bed is worth it.


We have worked incredibly hard, and very closely with our family-run production team, to ensure that every single part of the bed is of the highest quality we can make it. We use cobra style metal buckles (tested to a tensile strength of 1.5tonnes!) to hold our roll together because we know how irritating a broken plastic clasp is. We have chosen 100% organic brushed jersey cotton for our bedding because this is a bed that is meant to feel like home. The pillow and sheets have sweat-wicking properties because a night under canvas shouldn’t leave you clammy. Our self-inflating mattress is guaranteed for a whopping 10 years – if it fails you, we’ll replace it, no quibbles.

And, let’s be honest, looks matter too! Whether you use your Bundle Bed as a camping bed, a sleepover bed for the kids, or as a spare bed, we didn’t want it to be bland and have chosen colours that pop. (There are new designs coming too! Watch this space….)


The Bundle Bed was inspired by my travels around Australia in a ‘swag’. One of the reasons that I loved my roll-out swag bed was that it was a hand-me-down, passed from mother to daughter, and was still going strong - albeit with a bedding change or two! With a focus on reducing landfill and reliance on the culture of ‘throw-and-replace’, the Bundle Bed is designed to be loved by the whole family. It can be used across the generations (some of our fabulous customers have taken them on retirement trips across the world!) and passed between siblings, cousins, and friends. 

All you need in one bundle

A great night sleep on-the-go is not just a mattress. You need bedding and a pillow too (and perhaps bumpers and a waterproof sheet for the kids) – all of which either need to be purchased, or at the very least remembered and stuffed into the back of the car. A Bundle Bed comes with its own sheet, a proper duvet, a pillow, and can now be equipped with a waterproof sheet, all handily rolled together into one space-saving bundle. There’s no need to worry that you might have forgotten something essential for your trip away.

(Please also keep your eyes peeled for the new Bundle Bed for toddlers with innovative blow-up bumpers to keep little ones in their bed!)

Holiday savings

The Bundle Bed is not a one-trick pony! It will save you money across a number of different holidays and trips. For example…

Comfortable camping holidays!

Once you've got yourself set up with the camping kit essentials, then a holiday under canvas can cost as little as £20 per night! (Check out our campsite recommendations for the South-West or some cosy winter camping options). Camping holidays can be a great economical option for families - especially when you know you're all going to have a comfortable night's sleep! As a family of four ourselves, I’ve also noted down a few sleep tips for camping with kids for you.

More (and cheaper) options for holiday-rentals

When we go away for a long weekend, we choose to rent just a one bedroom apartment or cottage. Our boys are then more than happy to sleep on the floor of our bedroom on their Bundle Beds. We still get to hang out together in the living area once they've gone to sleep and don't have the additional expense of an extra bedroom!

Holidaying in hotels made easy

Especially if there are three children in your family, hotel stays can be tricky as family rooms rarely cater for three kids. A Bundle Bed is the perfect solution without the cost of an extra room and the grown-ups needing to split themselves across two rooms.

Of course, we’re biased, but don’t take our word for it...

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