Boycott Your Bed Action for Children Campaign

Boycott Your Bed!

Ditch the duvet. Banish the blanket. Pack the pillow.

As we start our Bundle Beds family camping adventure, we couldn't miss out on the opportunity to get involved with the Boycott Your Bed campaign on Friday 9th July to raise money for Action for Children. We'll be donating and taking part - Will you join us?

Girls in Hay Sleeping

Spend the night in the most unusual place you can think of. Wherever you sleep, the money you raise can make children’s dreams of a safe and happy childhood come true. Sign up today using this link.

Struggling for ideas on where to sleep?

What about a setting up a tent in the garden, or simply unroll your Bundle Bed on the lawn and gaze up at the stars (subject to weather!!). 

Prefer a more cosy spot, what about setting up a den under the stairs?

Kids in Den

Bunk down in the bathroom

Or book into a last minute pitch at a campsite and make a weekend of it?

And before you settle in for the night, join Action for Children for an evening of virtual entertainment packed with famous faces, bringing people together across the UK.

Boycott your Bed and you’ll bring hope to vulnerable UK children hit hardest by the Covid-19 pandemic. 

If you're concerned about taking part because of the kiddos not sleeping, then take a look at our blog on our top sleep tips for Camping with Kids, which should provide you with some ideas to get a bit more zZZ...

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