10 Simple Eco Swaps For a Greener Life

10 Simple Eco Swaps For a Greener Life

The idea for Bundle Beds was dreamt up under the stars of the Australian Outback. Ever since we have been trying to inspire and enable people to see and experience more of this awesome planet we call home.

As a brand and as the humans behind it (that’s me, Lucy, and my brother Rob) we will never stop striving to preserve our precious playground. It is the only one we have. So, we wanted to share some of the things we are doing to make life greener. Come this way…

1. Save the planet in your sleep

No apologies for starting with the product we know best! We have clung like barnacles from day one to creating honestly crafted and sustainable products that enable people to make the most of their time on this planet. Bundle Beds mattresses are guaranteed for 10 years, the filling for our super-soft duvets and pillows is made from recycled plastic bottles and our metal buckles are tested to a tensile strength of 1.5 tonnes to help our beds fill years and years of adventure rather than landfill. Choosing a Bundle Bed over an airbed or flimsy camp bed that will break after a few uses is an investment in sustainable sleep.

2. Go Wild.

While we’re on the subject of revolutionising our toiletries, my other wash bag win is Wild. Sustainable, natural deodorant that has banished single-use plastic with its nifty compostable refills. And they smell as good as they are for the planet. A total winner.

3. Smile knowing your teeth are greener.

Ok…whiter and greener. Rob has discovered PÄRLA toothpaste tablets which are plastic-free, cruelty-free, vegan and sustainable. It was such an easy switch to make and means no more single-use plastic tubes and the added bonus of no more toothpaste-smeared sinks. No wonder we are smiling. You just chew and then brush like normal, but with a clearer conscience.

4. Reduce Packaging Waste.

Whilst staying at The Wildings Campsite, we came across Fill Refill Co who produce refillable products that look super cool and reduce waste - winning! By looking out for products that have a refillable option, you can drastically reduce your waste by simply refilling a bottle or container that you already have. 

5. No cup. No coffee.

It’s a new rule but a good rule. If I forget my reusable coffee cup then no takeaway coffees, teas, hot chocolates or any other liquid pick-me-ups for me. It’s forcing me to be more organised, more conscious of my habits and ensures no needless coffee cup waste. I love my Circular&Co cup as its made from single use cups and is 100% leakproof.

6. Refill to your heart’s content.

The same rule goes for water. I have several reusable bottles. I always have one in the car, one in my bag, one in my spare bag so that wherever I go I can refill rather than buy bottled water. It’s not a new idea but I have renewed my commitment to it. Rob found the brand Ion8 that the whole family are all big fans of, and are the first bottle that we've found to last the test of toddlers & young kids for over 6 months.

7. Green periods are the way forward. Period.

(Lucy here as Rob didn’t feel qualified to comment!) But period pants and Moon Cups have changed my life. They are so easy to use, so much cheaper in the long-run and despite not feeling my best at this time of the month I feel so much better knowing that I am not contributing to the tampons, pads and packaging that end up in our seas and landfill.


8. Buy for the future so it doesn’t cost the earth.

Even though the up-front investment can be more, we are making a conscious effort to buy to last. Financial cost isn’t the only consideration and whilst money absolutely doesn’t grow on trees and there always has to be a balance, we would like the trees to still be there for our kids and their kids. It’s why we haven’t compromised on quality for Bundle Beds and why we’d rather buy one decent organic cotton t-shirt than three questionably-made cheap ones.

9. Great taste. Less waste.

Food is my love language and nothing makes me happier than a plate licked clean. Putting some extra care into meal planning has helped me to create food my family loves with much less waste. Not only is that better for the planet it’s also been better for our bank balance!

10. Leftovers

I have invested in some glass containers and banished cling film in my kitchen so that when there are left-overs we can store them more sustainably.

As well as the changes above, we’ve been challenging ourselves to make our camping trips even greener. Camping is already a lighter way to enjoy the planet but this year we’ll be taking separate bins for our tent to make recycling super easy. We always follow the "leave no trace" rule and ensure that the site is left how we found it (or better). And finally, we're choosing more sustainable campsites who are focused on reducing their impact on the environment - Huttopia, The Wildings & Dinham Farm have all been great examples of this so far.

Whilst the challenge can feel overwhelmingly big, some of the actions we can all take are so simple. We’d love to hear what you’re doing too and we hope this blog inspires some more steps in the right direction, however small.

Have you seen the 5 steps we have taken to ensure that every time you lay your head on a Bundle Bed you can sleep soundly knowing that you have invested in a better tomorrow?


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