A Few Ideas for Stocking Fillers

A Few Ideas for Stocking Fillers

It's the most wonderful time of the year...

...until you realise that you haven't yet bought the stocking fillers, at which point it's actually a bit of a pain in the ...!

Bundle Beds are the perfect "big gift" for Christmas, but trying to find little items for stockings that won't get thrown away and cost the earth is a tricky one. We've always had the mission to make life easier for families, so here is a list of what we're putting inside our kids' stockings, so you can cross one more thing off the Christmas list and put a little bit of wonderful back into this time of year!

1. The Den Kit Company Mini-Kit - £7.95

Den Kit Company Mini Kit

The Mini bird pizza kits are the ones that we went for, knowing that the combination of getting outside, collecting mud and searching for berries to add extra colour will be a huge hit in our house!

2. Cotton.Twist Mini Craft Kit - £2.95

Cotton Twist Activity Pack

We bought the little Elf Peg Doll kit, which we'll bring out on Christmas Day when we just need a little moment of calm.

3. Cocoba Hot Chocolate Spoon - £3.95

Cocoba Hot Chocolate Spoons

These are so fab and make hot chocolate making super easy for little ones, and luckily a lot less messy than chocolate powder! And the festive characters add a little magic fo it all too ✨ 

4. Rex London Temporary Tattoos - £1.50

Rex London Temporary Tattoos

We bought the Shark and Dinosaur tattoos, but there are so many designs to choose for... We're looking forward to Grandma being given one of these to wear for the day!

5. Polar Post Nice Lollipop - £3.75

Polar Post Nice Lollipop

Polar Post has SO many products to make Christmas magical, and we were thrilled to have bagged two of these Nice lollies... lets just hope that the boys continue to be Nice so that they can actually have them in their stockings!

6. Chocolate Gift Company Cheeseboard Mice - £4.50

Chocolate Gift Company Chocolate Mice

Have you ever seen a cuter little chocolate? And whats brilliant is that the boys will love using the boxes for treasures once the chocolate has been eaten.

7. Kids Stuff Crazy Soap Foam - £1.60

Crazy Soap Bath Foam

Our boys LOVE this bath foam, and it keeps them entertained for hours! We often use it with our test tubes and experiment kits to add an extra element of fun.

8. Christmas Percy Pigs - £1.65

Marks and Spencer Christmas Percy Pigs

These are a family favourite, so no stocking is complete without a pack of them!

Bundle Beds are about less stuff and more adventures (after a great nights sleep!) and we're committed to make and find sustainable products that enable people to make the most of their time on this planet. We've put together a blog on some ideas for how to make Christmas magical and sustainable. 

Are you struggling to find big gifts for little ones? Don't worry, we've got you covered!

What do you put in your stockings every year? Have you got some suggestions for things that we've left out? Please let me know in an email or on Instagram.

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