A toddler sleeps soundly on the new Tot-to-Ten travel bed by Bundle Beds

The New Toddler Travel Bed - designed for dreamy holidays!

Our Toddler & Junior Bundle Beds

Want to travel (when we can)?

Looking forward to staying with family (not long to wait now!)?

Planning a camping staycation (bring on the 12th April!)?

BUT... ...what about the toddler??

As a parent planning a family trip - whether it be an international expedition or a weekend away with the grandparents - you face an awkward in-between stage when your baby is too big for a travel cot but not quite ready for an adult bed. Do you opt for a squeaky airbed; a bulky set of pillows they roll off of; or do you let them hop in with you and risk a midnight elbow to the chin?

Our Toddler & Junior Bundle Beds solve this dilemma and help you all sleep soundly wherever you decide to go. This innovative toddler travel bed was launched via a crowdfunding campaign in March 2021, where we hit our target in less than 9 hours! 
As travel-loving parents to a crop of rambunctious under-fives, we designed the Kids Bundle Beds as the answer to questions we asked ourselves ... at 4am on our less successful holidays!

Will my toddler sleep if we go camping?!

Yes! (Well, we can certainly improve the chances.)

  • A familiar sleep space: with a proper duvet and jersey cotton sheets included, the Toddler & Junior Bundle Beds are your child's beds away from home - safe, secure, familiar. Unlike a sleeping bag, which looks and feels very different, this is an easy transition from a bed at home, to sleeping away – and then back again. You can even set-up a living-room campsite for some sleeping practice beforehand!
  • Cosy and comfortable: an integrated self-inflating mattress ensures your toddler is properly cushioned from the floor, without the rustling and squeaking that accompanies an airbed. Plus, the Toddler & Junior beds are much warmer to sleep on and, with an additional insulating layer, helps protect them from the cold ground.
  • Contain a wriggly sleeper: prevent your toddler from waking up sprawled on the freezing floor with inflatable, cotton-covered, safety bumpers. Using the handy buttons at the bottom of the bed, you can keep their duvet in place too.

A toddler is kept safe and cosy in his travel bed by the safety bumpers

Can holidaying with kids, be a holiday for me too?!

  • Simple to set-up and clear away: unclip, unroll, unzip and the Toddler & Junior travel beds are ready! Super easy for half-asleep parents to roll out in the middle of the night. Then roll and clip it back up again for a neat, tidy, and quick getaway.
  • No pumping or popping: the mattress is self-inflating foam, so no need for a pump or the concern about a deflating airbed.
  • Accidents and spills are hassle-free: with its own removable and washable waterproof sheet the bed stays dry and the night stays comfortable.
  • Cost-saving: when staying at a hotel or B&B, an extra kid’s bed can mean extra cost. Bring your own, and you’ve saved on the holiday already!
  • Peace of mind: with a Toddler & Junior Bundle Beds you can be certain that the bed your toddler sleeps in, wherever you are, comes up to your hygiene and safety standards.

Storytime with two toddlers cosy in their Tot-to-Ten Travel Beds

Just how much stuff do I need for a holiday with a toddler?!

Probably less than you think but, inevitably, never what you have. Bring a Kids Bundle Beds and at least sleeping is sorted!       
  • The all-in-one toddler sleep solution: with a Bundle Bed you don’t need to think about the sleeping mat, then the sheets, then the duvet and pillow. It’s all included – grab your Bundle Bed and you’re ready.
  • Less of “don’t forget the…”: there’s always a few added considerations with younger children, but you won’t forget the bed safety rails, or the waterproof sheet, as they’re all rolled up in the bundle too – you can even pop an extra blanket, or a favourite cuddly toy, in there as well.
  • One neat bundle: rather than stuffing roll mats and bed linen into the back of the car, the Toddler & Junior Bundle Beds are a convenient bundle protected by a waterproof outer layer – so a drop in a muddy puddle won’t spoil the trip!
Two Tot-to-Ten Toddler Travel Beds fit easily and neatly into the boot of a car

Will my kids have outgrown it by next year?!

No! This is a kids' travel bed that LASTS!

  • Playful, but not ‘babyish’, design: at 165cm long and in fun patterns, these are portable beds that will take your child from the first family camping holiday, to the first sleepover, to the first school residential trip. The safety bumpers and waterproof sheets are easily removed when no longer needed.
  • 10-year mattress guarantee: as with all our Bundle Beds, if something goes wrong with the self-inflating mattress within 10 years, we'll replace it for free.
  • Premium materials: we use the same high-quality components in the Kids beds as we do in the Classic Bundle Bed so it looks and feels amazing but, more importantly, it’s durable. The buckles won’t snap; the zips won’t stick; and you won’t be replacing popped air mattresses year after year.
  • The perfect hand-me-down: when your child does move on to a Classic Bundle Bed, we want you to be proud to pass the Toddler & Junior beds onto siblings or another family. We’re making it to last, not earmarking it for landfill.  

Toddlers giggle and share secrets on holiday in their Kids' Travel Beds by Bundle Beds

If you have any questions at all about our new toddler travel bed please email us or message me on Instagram.

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