How to Ensure the Kids Sleep at Family Festivals

How to Ensure the Kids Sleep at Family Festivals

Attending a festival with kids can be a wonderful family adventure, but getting a good night's sleep can be a challenge. Here are some tips to ensure that the whole family is well-rested and ready to have fun:

Choose Your Camping Spot Wisely

Bell Tent Camping Area at Family Festival

When you arrive at the festival, take the time to find a camping spot that is suitable for families. Look for a quiet area away from the noise of stages and food vendors. Also, try to find a shaded location so your tent won't get too hot during the day.

Keep Your Kids Comfortable

The weather at festivals can be unpredictable, so be prepared for both hot and cold weather. Keep your kids cool at night with a portable fan and dress them in layers for the evening. Dress in long-sleeved PJs and add a cosy pair of socks and a beanie hat if it gets super chilly.

Make It Feel Like Home

Sleeping in a Bundle Bed Kids Travel Bed

Creating a familiar sleep space keeps kids feeling safe and secure at night. Bundle Beds have been designed to act like their own bed away from home, helping them to settle instantly. If you don't yet have a Bundle Bed, then bringing a favourite pillowcase or blanket from home can work well. You can also consider a practice camp-out in the living room or garden with any new gear 

Take Time to Calm Down Before Bedtime

It’s important to take 5-10 minutes to calm down before bedtime to help the bedtime routine go smoothly. Lie on the sleeping bags or air mattresses and chat about the plans for the following day so that they go to sleep knowing what adventures lie ahead.

Block Out Background Noise

Festival campsites can be noisy, so block out the background noise with audiobooks, white noise, or sleep music. Download a few stories on your phone or iPad before you leave, and pop it just out of reach, so that they can hear it, but aren't tempted to use it! Or our two boys LOVE their Yoto Mini players and have a selection of audiobook cards that they play when we're travelling. 

Yoto Mini Adventure Player Blocking out Background Noise when Camping

By following these tips, you can ensure that your family gets a good night's sleep at festivals and are ready to enjoy all the adventures the festival has to offer.

Happy Bundling!

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