Half Term Activities to Bundle Outdoors

Half Term Activities to Bundle Outdoors

Struggling for ideas this Half Term to keep those Bundlers entertained, We have teamed up with Wild Warriors to give you the answers!

October Half Term activities in our eyes are some of the funnest times for kids, they've just got their first break from school since the Summer Holidays - The weather is turning but still plenty of warmth in the sun to mix up the activities inside and outside! So we are calling all the Wild ones over the next fortnight to...

Get outside, whatever the weather!

There is no such thing as bad weather just the wrong kit, with our range of roll up beds that's never a problem. 

Slow Down & Look Around.

Try to go at the pace of the most curious person in your crew slowing down is no bad thing and there is so much to see when you look. Check out the nature around you, watch the clouds, hunt for bugs and creatures.. make them mini dens.

Life is a game - play it!

What’s the time mister wolf, grandmothers’ footsteps, eye spy, hide n seek, scavenger hunts, follow the leader, find a stick and turn it into a zillion things..  make a treasure hunt and make the journey fun! 

Go into survival mode.

Get camouflaged up, build dens and shelters, climb trees, find water sources, practice natural navigation, tie knots, look for animal tracks.. leave no trace! 

Be prepared.

Dress for the weather, stay fuelled with water and a picnic.. come back from windy walks and make a den with blankets at home and snuggle in for a good nights sleep, even if its a kids sleepover... perhaps in a Bundle Bed if you are lucky enough to have one.


If you can head on down to Wild Warriors! All sessions will be running on the beach at New Polzeath, we would love to see your wild ones there so get them signed up!

"WILDBUNDLE10" will get 10% discount at Wild Warriors.

For some top tips for keeping snug this October, then take a look at our blog on Keeping Cosy on Chillier Days, be sure to look at our Fun activities for the Kids whether at home or away blog for some fun inspiration. We also have a blog to get you Set for the Beach as you head down to the coast!

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