Shake Up Your Wake Up

Shake Up Your Wake Up

Here at Bundle Beds, we believe that you should wake up feeling rested after a nights sleep, whether in your own bed, or staying away. Not only do we love a great night's sleep, but we also love finding out new ways to wake up happy and start the day the right way.

With Lockdown Part 2 now in place, we've teamed up with some amazing women to share with you some top tips for "Shaking Up your Wake Up"...


First up is Lulu Adams, a women’s fitness coach and pre + postnatal specialist. Her goal is to help mums to move more - wherever they’re at in life. 

Her tip is to get up and move. She says....

"This has been a winner for me in the last few weeks... Even if you don't feel like working out, go by the rule of FIVE. Pop your favourite playlist on nice and loud and commit to the first five minutes of a workout - if you still don't feel up for  it, stop.

More often than not, once we've started moving (and with some banging tunes!) we get the first trickle of feel good hormones and we keep going. Half the battle is getting yourself onto the mat (I normally say gym but... lockdown!)."

Check out one of her fab bodyweight HIIT circuits here. No gym, no equipment and NO TIMER NEEDED!!


Write a Journal...

We absolutely LOVE The Bees Knees Journal. Designed to work as a simple beginning or end of the day reflection, it practises exploring simple habits to boost your mood and help you stay positive.

Kelly Terranova, the creator of The Bee's Knees Journal, shares with us her top tip for journalling...

"Journaling should help you level out, not be pressure to level up. Small simple habits that works to help you stay grounded is what counts. Good and bad days need fully leaning into. Otherwise you risk positivity being more toxic than good. Be kind, be gentle and make sure it feels good for you."

Buy yourself a Bees Knees Journal here.


Start your morning with a gratitude practice.

Next up is Sophie Dear, yoga instructor and founder of Her aim is to make you feel "kick-ass and strong" both physically and mentally…. on or off your yoga mat.

Her top tip for the morning is...

"Gratitude has been shown to rewire the brain in order to bring us more compassion, kindness, acceptance, happiness and resilience. The key is to make the practice really specific - think about the day before and visualise 3 moments you are grateful for. Try to feel into all the senses to remember as many details as possible. What did you see? How did you feel? What were the sounds/smells/tastes...

If you struggle to think of 3 moments then simply tune into the senses. Be grateful for your sight and what you are able to see. For your smell, for your touch, for your taste and all the incredible food we are able to eat, for your hearing and all the wonderful sounds of nature as well as the music we can hear.

I have had a lot of pain in my life over the past 10 months & I believe my gratitude practice prepared me for this in the most beautiful way - I have been able to deal with everything that has been thrown my way with dignity and compassion...

This tiny practise will change your life."


Stick to a Skincare Routine

Who else is guilty of shunning their skincare routine when they're in a rush to get out of the door?

Jenni Retourné, Founder of Willowberry Skin, 'Nutritious Natural' skincare for Grown Ups, shares her top tip for skincare...

"Rather than seeing your skincare routine as a chore to rush through, spend a few minutes really enjoying the process. Take deep breaths and inhale the beautiful scent (Willowberry smells like a spa), really notice the textures as you apply them to your skin, spend a few moments massaging your products in. It will turn your skincare regime into something you look forward to."

Shop the Willowberry range here.


Start the day with the right food

Lizzie King is an Author, Cook, Nutritional Health Coach, and Mother of three. She is also the founder of Lizzie Loves Healthy, her successful blog, which was created to help families feed their children deliciously and keep them well. 

Her Her top tip for starting the day right is:

"Mornings are such a tone-setter for the rest of the day, and they can so easily become a mad scramble! By having a plan, or getting some of the leg work done ahead of time, you can increase the chances of making your day brighter.
What we fuel ourselves with is always key but by setting yourself up with some sustaining goodness in the morning, our mood, energy levels and concentration are all affected.
Swapping out a sugary cereal is a great way of making a difference, and having these overnight oats to hand can be a game changer for time and choices in the morning.
Easy tip: Stir an egg into porridge as you’re making it to give a beautiful protein addition, and creaminess!"

Check out more delicious breakfast recipes from Lizzie here.

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