Everyone loves a Quiz...

Everyone loves a Quiz...

It seems that everyone is loving a Zoom Quiz during lockdown! I received three messages from friends yesterday, to ask if I had any ideas for questions for the weekend online quiz that they were putting together... and it got me to thinking that there are probably quite a lot of people who might enjoy a ready-made option.

So I've made one!

Introducing ... *drum roll* ...

The "Bundles of Fun" quiz

And you can download the answers here.


Simply click on the links above to download the PDF. As quiz master, you can still take part in the quiz as the answers are on a separate sheet and you don't need to know them to run it.

And if you need a bit more technical help, then there are some more links below to help you out...

What is it?

Five rounds: (i) Numbers, (ii) Photos, (iii) Riddles, (iv) Find-the-Item (scavenger hunt) & (iv) General Knowledge.

Probably best suited to adults, although no explicit language or nudity!

Change it up...

SCORING - What about making the scoring of one round a bit different. You get two points for every correct answer, but zero for the entire round if you get any wrong. No need to answer, but if you do, it better be right!!

DIFFERENT ROUND - Swap out the "photos" or "find an item" round for a personalised photo round. Screenshoot a close up body part of everyone in your group, and get them to guess who is who. The photo could be anything from an eye or nose, to knees in Instagram pictures, or outfits people wore in old family pics. Get creative!

QUESTION CHANGE - Switch up question 10 in the final round to make it more personalised to your quiz... if it's a birthday quiz then use the year of birth to create a list of songs, or their favourite past time for a top ten. Top 10 movies from IMBD? Top 10 places to travel? Top 10 places to camp in the UK?

    A bit of tech help...

    HOW? We'd suggest using Zoom to run the quiz. Set up a zoom meeting.

    The best way to run this quiz is to share your screen with the other participants, and click through the quiz PDF for each round/question. Here's a little "How to" video, if you don't know how to share your screen on Zoom.

    AVOID THE TIME LIMIT - Zoom has a 40-minute time limit on meetings unless you pay for the Pro level (£11.99 a month). If you don't want to pay, be prepared to end and restart at an opportune moment. You could add in toilet breaks or drink refreshes - and you can always share multiple meeting IDs in advance so that they roll over easily.

    I set up Bundle Beds with the mission to make getting together with friends & family that bit easier. With lockdown in full swing, and sleepovers or guests to stay not really an option, it's all about online get togethers. So we hope that we've made life a little bit easier for you by providing a simple way to have a fun evening with friends and family.

    Have fun & may the best team win...!

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