Top Tips for a Great Sleep when Camping with Kids

Top Tips for a Great Sleep when Camping with Kids

Are you gearing up for a family adventure and want to make sure everyone gets the rest they need for a fun-filled trip? We understand the importance of well-rested kids, especially when you're on the go!

To help you ensure your little ones sleep soundly wherever your travels take you, we've compiled some fantastic tips that will keep your family well-rested and ready for adventure...

Calm Down to Sleep

After a day packed with excitement, it's crucial to help your kids wind down before bedtime. Take 5-10 minutes to relax together. Lie down on your beds (or Bundle Beds!) and talk about the best parts of the day and your plans for tomorrow. This simple routine helps kids ease into sleep knowing what to expect. Maintaining a similar bedtime routine, including shower or bath time and bedtime stories, as you do at home can also make a big difference in helping them settle for the night.

Reading Stories whilst camping

Keep Things Familiar for the Kids

While holidays are all about exploring new places, creating a familiar sleep environment for your kids is essential. Bring along their favorite pillowcase or blanket if you’re choosing accommodation where beds are provided. Bundle Beds are perfect for providing a sense of comfort and familiarity, acting as their own bed away from home. Our kids take their beds whenever they’re not in their own bed, and it truly helps them settle into sleep. You might also consider a trial camp-out in the living room with new gear to help them adjust to the environment.

Kids Sleeping in Bundle Beds Travel Beds

Block Light & Muffle Sounds

Long summer days are fantastic for adventures, but they can make it challenging to get a good night's sleep. To create an ideal sleep environment, try to find a black-out inner compartment to darken the tent. Eye masks can also be handy for blocking out light.

For noise, consider playing audiobooks, white noise, or soothing sleep music to mask background sounds and help your kids drift off to sleep more easily.

Child Sleeping at a Family Festival in a Bundle Beds
Camping Comfort

When camping, kids often enjoy longer sleep durations thanks to the fresh air. However, evenings can get chilly, so make sure to dress the kids in long-sleeved PJs, cozy socks, and even a beanie if necessary to keep them warm and comfortable throughout the night.

Boys sitting on Bundle Beds

Final Thoughts

Taking sleep seriously while traveling ensures that everyone has a seriously good time. By planning ahead and ensuring you pack the right gear, you can make your holidays stress-free and filled with fun.

Happy Camping!

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