We were introduced to Fill Refill Co by the amazing Wildings Campsite and fell instantly in love with their products and what they're all about. It was clear that they had some great tips for a zero waste approach to camping, so we asked them to share their top tips with us...

Camping is cool. A chance to leave the bleeps, beeps & reels of modern life behind.

Go in search of a place that’s out of reach from bright city lights. Breathe the clean air. Embrace the natural world and wonder at the blackness of the wild night sky. Watch the river flow, the clouds drift by, the sun dropping over the horizon. Camping is the antidote to the rigours of a regular routine and it’s a more responsible option if you’re planning a break that doesn’t involve flying, long range driving or consuming stuff! There are all kinds of low impact camping experiences out there. Go wild… 

And when you find somewhere you love, here’s some tips on how to camp, trek & ramble responsibly.


  • Be prepared.
  • Fill bottles from home.
  • Reuse what you have for as long as it holds out.
  • Reduce waste.
  • Leave nothing behind.
  • Leave things just as you find them.
  • Respect plants, wildlife & people.
  • Always be cool. 



Fill a wash bag with refillables from home. Only take the essentials. Bar soap, shampoo, conditioner. Keep it simple. There’s some cool plastic free deodorants out there too. We came up with an idea for our own plastic free camping kit back in January & it’s been real fun putting it together. We dig all kinds of outdoor festivals, events & camping & figured it made sense to put a kit together to help campers cut waste. It was also a chance to collaborate with some cool folks who are challenging materials & waste streams to show that there can be a better way. We especially love the Billy Rainwear wash bags that have been made in London from recycled ex-festival tents. Find the kit here

Inside the wash bag you’ll find Body Wash (Fig Leaf) in a 100ml refillable screen printed aluminium bottle plus hair wash & hair conditioner (palmarosa) too. 

We figured it was a good idea to bring your own wash up from home, so we included a 60ml refillable screen printed glass bottle of peppercorn wash up and a plastic free, biodegradable cellulose ‘Good Clean Sponge’ made in Hampshire. We also added a ‘Single Use Is Over’ Risograph Poster so you can spread the word.

We recommend boosting the kit with stuff from home and things from your regular routine; plastic free toothpaste/tabs, a bamboo toothbrush, a responsible loo roll or two and reusable cloths that you can take home to wash. 

You can find loads of cool outdoor stuff on Plastic Freedom, Peace With The Wild or Wearth. Check them all out. Avoid those alluring disposable plastic miniatures on the high street, they’re not cool. Unless you already have them - in which case, refill them and use them again! 


Plan ahead & find what you need loose & package-free from your local baker, grocer or market. Better still, find your nearest zero waste store. We find they always carry the best plastic free snacks for your trip. I like dried mulberries & chocolate covered almonds. Here’s a list of stores.

Some cool campsites now have their own onsite refill stores too. We’d like to see more of that.

Bring a coolbox. There’s nothing worse than a clutch of warm beers. Take your own plates (we rate Falcon Enamelware) and your everyday cutlery from home is fine. Bring containers, tins or wax wraps, so that you can bring any leftovers home. And of course, make sure that you have a comfy bed (we obviously recommend Bundle Beds!).

Don’t be without a lightweight keep cup and a good reusable water bottle. Keep it filled on site. Lucy (Fill Project Manager) always makes sure to bring her cafetière & takes her best coffee to start each morning right.


If you do it well, there shouldn’t be any trash. But you can always bring biodegradable rubbish bags with you. Lots of camp sites have well designed recycling areas on site now too. 


We made a campfire mixtape for you. Built for listening round a campfire, beneath the stars. Sounds for swishing toes in a cool clear stream or sitting in the dappled sun thinking about nothing. Check it out here.

We hope you like the tape. Listen on Spotify. You’ll have to imagine slotting a TDK C-90 cassette into the deck as you head out on the road. Enjoy the wonders of the wild & the soulful solitude it can bring.

Get out there & sleep under the stars.

Single use is over.


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