Ethical & Sustainable Practices

We like to have fun at Bundle Beds but being a responsible, and environmentally aware, business is something that we are very serious about.

We want to be part of the solution to maintaining the beautiful places, cultures, and wild habitats that our customers like to explore. We strive to minimise our environmental impact across all that we do and have the ultimate goal of pushing our effects from negative to neutral and on to positive. We won’t pretend that we are there yet: as a young business there is always more that we can do and we are assessing and improving all the time. We are laying out here what we aim to achieve because we want to be a business that our employees and our customers are proud of and are held accountable by.



What we are doing now:

  • Making ethical practices a key criterion in the selection of raw materials and production of Bundle Beds.

  • Reducing material waste in the way our products are designed, manufactured, and transported. For example, the Bundle Bed linen has been designed so that it can be cut from a standard width of fabric without almost any wasted material.

  • Minimising the amount of packaging we use whilst protecting the product and choosing recycled and recyclable packaging materials where we can.

  • Using logistics companies whose delivery and shipping processes match our aims to reduce our environmental impact.

  • Working to raise awareness of the environmental issues we are addressing through our website, products and sales channels.

  • Using environmentally aware suppliers for our business goods, from our business cards to our company search engine.


Our continued commitments:

  • Making environmental issues and credentials a key factor in the decision-making criteria for the selection for all our suppliers.

  • Find an effective way to measure the carbon footprint of our Bundle Beds in order to create a baseline for measuring reductions going forward.

  • Make available to our customers more detailed information about the sustainability approach we take to sourcing our materials, manufacturing and distribution processes.

  • Investigate the end-of-life implications for our Bundle Beds and look at how we could design out long-term waste by altering the design process earlier on.