London Street-Art Design

3rd March 2016

"As artists and travellers we are constantly moving around the globe from place to place in pursuit of personal and creative endeavours. In our search for the perfect space to paint or marvel at the wonder of this great planet we find ourselves on the long winding road. Traditionally speaking we utilised sleeping bags and perhaps even a ground sheet for comfort when out on location. It’s not the best comfort solution but then we substitute our comfort in the name of being outside with nature. Our crew have been on many rock climbing and rambling treks through mountain ranges across the UK. We’ve spent summer and winter months wandering mountains, camping whenever needed, so we have spent many a moon sleeping on the ground with our seasonal sleeping bags.

The Bundle Bed is slightly larger than your two season sleeping-bag but has so much more to offer than the old school sleeping bag. The Bundle Bed is much like a single bed and offers the comforts of home but out on location. The lightweight water resistant Bundle Bed is rugged and durable for any occasion. They come in different colours and include kid's sized Bundle Beds…” [Read more]


Screenshot from the LSD website with 3 photos of Bundle Beds