We launched our Tot-2-Ten Bundle Bed crowdfunding campaign on Tuesday 16th March 2021 and it ran until 6th April. We exceeded our original target by over 70%! Thank you for all your support.

So first things first, what does crowdfunding mean & why did you do it? 

Our Indiegogo campaign worked like a pre-order section on our website, but allowed us to offer Early Riser discounts for a limited period of time. 

To get a new product off the ground, with all materials ordered in sufficient quantities to make them financially viable, requires significant upfront investment. As a small business, this is a near impossible challenge  – especially with the added complexities of the pandemic – so we used crowdfunding to make the Tot-2-Ten Bundle Bed happen.

Tell me about the offers…


If you get in first, you’ll be able to get up to 30% OFF our Tot-2-Ten Bed. Here’s a breakdown of our Bundle Beds Early Riser Offers

We will also have some brilliant Bundle Deals, allowing you to buy more than one bed for up to 20% OFF

If you’re already a Bundler, and own one of our Classic Bundle Beds, then we have add-on kid friendly accessories for a great nights sleep when travelling… 

I don’t need a Tot-2-Ten Bed, but I’d love to support the campaign….

You don’t have to purchase a Tot-2-Ten bed or Tot-2-Ten accessories to support our campaign. Simply sharing the link with friends and family who might want to make travel with toddlers dreamy would be a huge help to us. 

Or perhaps you’d like to buy one of our Supporter Perks

If you have any questions at all about our new toddler travel bed please email us or message me on Instagram.

Thank you SO much for your support, we really appreciate it.

Happy Bundling!