The Ultimate Easy Sleepover That Kids Will Love

The Ultimate Easy Sleepover That Kids Will Love

Sleepovers are a cherished childhood tradition, filled with fun, games, and memorable moments. To make your next sleepover an unforgettable experience, we've curated a guide to creating a super easy sleepover to set up and do as a parent, that kids will absolutely love. From cozy beds to delicious treats and exciting activities, we've got you covered!


You can transform a room into a sleepover wonderland with imaginative decorations. Consider using fairy lights, colourful pillows, and cozy blankets to create a magical ambiance. Hang a dreamy canopy or set up a cozy tent for an extra touch of adventure. And you don't need to ask us what beds we'd recommend... A Bundle Bed of course!

Sleepover Beds

Say goodbye to deflating air beds, uncomfortable roll mats or searching endlessly for the spare duvet: Bundle Beds have everything that you need for a great night’s sleep – anywhere. With a built-in pillow, duvets, and even a self-inflating super comfy mattress, Bundle Beds provide a cozy and hassle-free sleeping arrangement that kids will adore, and most importantly, sleep well on!


No sleepover is complete without a midnight feast and scrumptious treats, but remember that they don't have to be served at midnight!! Cocoba's Kids Collection Box is the perfect assortment of chocolates that will satisfy every sweet tooth.

Sleepover S'Mores Fun


What is a sleepover or campout without some toasted marshmallows?! We asbolutely love the Toast's S'mores kits that mean you can bring the campfire experience indoors. Let the kids toast marshmallows and create delicious s'mores for a truly memorable sleepover treat.

Sleepover Fun Ideas


Plan a night of serious fun making hot choc stirrers, sweetie jewellery and gooey popcorn together! The Craft and Crumb Sleepover Kit keeps the kids entertained with a variety of activities that are all handily included in one box, making life very easy! 


🏰 Pillow Fort Challenge 🏰

Encourage friendly competition by having the kids build their own epic pillow forts. Award prizes for the most creative, tallest, or coziest fort.

🍿 Movie Marathon 🍿

Set up a cosy movie area with the Bundle Beds and a selection of kid-friendly films. Don't forget the popcorn!

📸 DIY Photo Booth 📸

Create a DIY photo booth with props and costumes. Capture fun memories throughout the night with hilarious pictures.

Sleepover Movie Night

With the right bed, delicious treats, engaging activities, and fun-filled games, you can create the ultimate easy sleepover that kids will love. Order in treats from Cocoba and Toast'd, the Craft and Crumb Sleepover Kit for exciting activities and your sleepover is guaranteed to be a hit.

So gather your friends, roll out the Bundle Beds, and get ready for an unforgettable night of laughter and adventure!

What are your favourite sleepover tips and tricks? Please let me know in an email or on Instagram – and do send over any of your super sleepovers!

If you fancy heading outdoors then take a look at our Den Building Tips or for some extra activity ideas, take a look at our Fun Activities for Kids blog. 

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