The Ten Superpowers of a Kids Bundle Bed

The Ten Superpowers of a Kids Bundle Bed

Do you have a climber?

Or a toddler who has outgrown their travel cot?

Or are the toddler years well behind you, but you have a kid who struggles to settle when you travel?

Our Kids Bundle Beds could be the answer your sleep-deprived eyes are looking for! Smaller and lighter than our Classic Bundle Bed, they are made with the same top-notch materials and super soft bedding making them only smaller in size, not benefits.

Space Tot-2-Ten Bed

Here are 10 superpowers we have sown into them so that adventures are defended against the sleep-eating monsters:

1. Super adaptable.

The Toddler & Junior Bundle Beds not only fill that tricky space between travel cot and big kid bed, but at 165cm x 50cm you can fit them into the smallest of gaps. We’ve rolled them out in walk-in wardrobes, on landings, between cupboards, you name it and like nifty shape shifters, they still do their sleep-inducing thing. No space? No panic.

2. Super light.

Never has so much goodness been bundled into only 5kg. Just 50cm x 25cm when rolled they fit into the car boot far more easily than a travel cot or camp bed but you still get everything a Classic Bundle Bed offers you from a super comfy mattress to a 15 tog duvet

Toddler carrying Bundle Bed

3. Super soft.

The deceptively comfy 5cm mattress and dreamy organic brushed cotton sheets make for a super soft landing wherever your space ship lands.

Tot-2-Ten Bundle Bed Kids Travel Bed

4. Super safe.

If you have a wriggly sleeper, out Toddler Bundle Bed has two inflatable bumpers that can be fitted snugly into the sheet pockets next to the mattress, cradling your little one through the night. And because you can take it wherever you go, it creates a familiar, safe sleep space for your kid however big the adventure.

5. Super accident-proof.

Because accidents happen – especially when excitement is high - we’ve created an add-on waterproof sheet for your Toddler & Junior beds. Brushed jersey cotton on one side, with a waterproof liner on the other they are like an invisible force-field. And your whole kids Bundle Bed is 100% machine washable - so no need to worry about hot chocolate spills!

child drinking hot chocolate in travel bed

6. Super green.

The filling for our super-soft duvets and pillows is made from recycled plastic bottles and our metal buckles are tested to a tensile strength of 1.5 tonnes to help our beds fill years and years of adventure rather than landfill. Who knew that a good night’s sleep could also help to save the planet?

7. Super long-lasting.

All of our mattresses are guaranteed for 10 years and at 165cm they last many kids beyond their 10th. And because Bundle Beds are built to last, they can be handed on to younger siblings, cousins and pals when your kid starts to blast off the top of the height chart.

8. Super thrifty.

Hotels and B&Bs can charge upwards of £50 a night for extra beds. The cost of extra rooms are a whole other stratosphere. In just 4 sleeps away, you could cover cost of your Toddler or Junior Bundle Bed and save your pennies for the dream-making fun that really matters.

9. Super nanny.

While we’re on the subject of saving, the kids Bundle Beds are designed to make bringing the kids along easier so you can save on the babysitting. Think of it as a warm and cuddly nanny that doesn’t charge you!

Child sleeping in Bundle Bed Toddler Travel Bed

10. Super fun.

With their funky, adventurous and space-themed designs, the Toddler & Junior Bundle Beds are designed to capture little imaginations and ensure that fun and sleep can be happy bedfellows. And we all know that sleep is the greatest superpower of all…

Tot-2-Ten Bundle Beds Fabrics

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