Small Business Shopping - Christmas Gift Ideas

Small Business Shopping - Christmas Gift Ideas

With Christmas Shopping now in full swing, we thought we'd share with you some great Christmas gift ideas for the family.

We have got the whole family covered; from our roll out travel beds, to scented candles, cases of wine to Japanese knives - Christmas is sorted!

Happy shopping!

1. Bundle Beds - £25 off per bed

Ideal for Christmas Guests, Kids Sleepovers, Summer Camping 2021, or just to unroll in the garden for some star gazing, Bundle Beds contain everything that you need for a great night's sleep in one Bundle. 

2. Kin Knives - 10% off 

Kin Knives is a family run business importing a range of high quality and bespoke Japanese Kitchen knives. Each range of knife is exclusive to Kin Knives. Prices range from £50 to over £850 per knife depending on construction and heritage. What I love about Kin is that they're so happy to help you choose your knife based on your budget, plus they offer a sharpening service to keep your knives at their best forever!

3. Smashing Wines - 15% OFF of all orders over £50


Smashing Wines specialise in promoting small producers who respect the environment and their vineyards. Prefect for get togethers with family & friends this Christmas. Rebecca and Clement taste and select the wine list that they offer and that have UK exclusivity with many vineyards. Again, they are always happy to have a chat about the best wines to suit your budget - and no need to pretend to know about wines with them, they love recommending wine that they think you'll love!

4. Armadillo Sun - 20% OFF

These are the perfect gift for all the family. Armadillo Sun have the most comfortable range of furniture, from bean bag chairs & loungers, to kids floor cushions, and they also have the most gorgeous tablet stands. They are made from an (almost) indestructible fabric that's water-, mould- and fade-resistant, plus, they are designed and made in the UK.

5. Wild Scents Botanics - 15% OFF

Wild Scents Botanics candles are a perfect gift to give when visiting friends and family. They are individually handcrafted in Hampstead, using natural & organic plant essential oils blended with eco-soy & coconut waxes. They are Vegan, clean burning and non-toxic. 

6. Vetivert & Co - 10% OFF 

Vetivert & Co have the most gorgeous range of skincare. They blend and craft all their products using essential oils and active natural compounds to promote Tranquility of the Mind, for the Body and for the Mind.

7. Mantidy - 15% off

Mantidy is a London-based lifestyle brand for men. I've only recently come across the brand, and absolutely LOVE their style! They offer high-quality all-in-one travel accessories and organisers, aiming to combine functionality and design in order to offer the perfect travel companion. 

8. Finch & Crane - 10% off

Finch & Crane Homewares have a fab selection of homeware products, chosen for their timelessness, crafted by smaller producers, mostly handmade using quality, natural materials and designed to be functional and enjoyed everyday. They have lots of different products that would be great gifts this Christmas.

9. Spacemasks

Last but definitely not least, Spacemasks. If you haven't tried these then DO! They are the most wonderfully relaxing, self-heating eye masks, that never fail to send me off to the deepest of sleep whenever I use them. As Harriet the founder says, "Your eyes and your head will thank you for the time to recover and reenergise."

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