Bundle Bed Top Tip: turn your single bed into a double

Bundle Bed Top Tip: turn your single bed into a double

You've only got a small guest room but need a double bed. You’ve booked a romantic getaway under the stars but don’t fancy the less-than-romantic battle with the airbed pump.  Or, like two recent Bundle Bed customers, you are adventuring across the Pyrenees together...

Make a comfy portable double bed by using two Bundle Beds and our purpose-made double fitted sheet.

Whip the single sheets off your Bundle Beds; push the self-inflating mattresses together (there's a handy strip of velcro to hold them fast); pop on the double sheet; and hey presto! No zips, no poppers, and your single roll-out bed is now a double. Plus, as an added bonus, you still have a duvet each, so no more battling with blanket hoggers!

Double Bundle Bed Review

We love hearing from our Bundlers...

"Just back from driving a Land Rover Defender off the beaten track in Spanish Pyrenees and camping. Loved the Bundle Beds. So comfortable and so warm with the attached duvet. Needed an extra pillow but that’s personal preference. Great innovation. Loved them. Best purchase we made at the Game Fair. Wasn’t sure we’d find them comfortable enough as we’re both in our 70s but they are fabulous."


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