Our Top 3 Tips for a Magical Christmas during Covid

Our Top 3 Tips for a Magical Christmas during Covid

Christmas this year is certainly set to be a holiday that will always be remembered for many reasons. From planning which bubble of 3 you will be in, to self-isolating before heading to the grandparents, and not attending a single Christmas party!

Whether you are hosting or visiting this year, there is a lot to think about...

Do you ask the guests to BYO on bedding and cutlery?

Sanitise the Monopoly Board before everyone arrives?

Keep socially distant at the dinner table?

Bundle Beds are huge fans of Christmas and we are keen to share creative ways to make sure Christmas Traditions aren’t forgotten this year. We've put together 3 top tips to make sure you enjoy the season with loved ones and make it as happy and magical as possible...

1. BYOBB: Bring your own Bundle Bed!

Bringing your own bedding/bed keeps things simple and safe, and Bundle Beds make this even simpler as bedding and bed are all wrapped up in one! Did you know that you can attach two of our roll out beds together to make a portable double bed? (You can buy a double sheet if you already have the beds).

Perhaps if you are hosting and stuck for gift ideas you could kill two birds with one stone, by gifting your guests their own sleepover bed!

2. Order online 

Christmas Online Ordering

Food, presents, wrapping paper and don’t forget sellotape! The less we are out in public the less chance of contracting the unmentionable Cov19. With how this year has been many small businesses/shops have gone online making it easier than ever to shop local too!

Please note - You can order until 18th December with Bundle Beds for guaranteed delivery by Christmas.

3. Swap the Family Panto trip for a living room “Cinema Experience”

Christmas Movie Night

We saw this idea online and love it! Rearrange your living room into a comfy cinema, prepare snack boxes of popcorn, sweets and an individual drink (definite potential a cheeky mulled wine for the grown-ups!), choose your film, dim the lights and hit play!

Why not unroll your own comfy sleepover beds for the VIP seating area? 

And for an added activity, you could get the kids to make tickets for everyone and hand them out to everyone before the show!

Whatever you have planned, we hope you have a very Merry Christmas! 


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