The Helpful Hiker Camping Food

The Helpful Hiker Camping Food

"When we’re camping, especially after a long day of walking, I often find myself craving a sweet treat. Lots of camping recipes, including many of my own, revolve around meat or fish, and dessert tends to get overlooked. So I thought I’d share a few baking ideas- outdoor style!"

The easiest way is using a dutch oven (it’s not what you’re thinking!). This seems to be more common in America, but it’s so easy and a great way to broaden your campfire cuisine horizons.

After we’ve cooked our main meal we let the fire die down, you need to wait until the embers are all grey. There will still be plenty of heat left for whipping up a tasty pudding. We then put a metal pot in the fire, making sure there are embers underneath and on top of the pot. Sometimes we have even made our own makeshift oven by covering a cooking pot with a few layers of foil.

The most straightforward thing to make is to use a packet mix, ideally one that only needs water added, and just mix it up and pour into your cooking pot. It only takes about 10 minutes and then just dive in with a spoon! We’ve tried cookie and cake mixes and both worked. You can also do a similar thing with chilled cinnamon swirl dough (check out the chilled pastry section in your local supermarket). Line your pot with foil, then simply slice the dough and arrange in a layer in the bottom of the pot.

If you fancy being a bit more adventurous, try a black forest dump cake (I promise I’m not just going for comedic titles!) It’s called a dump cake as you simply dump the ingredients in your pot and as if by magic it comes out perfectly.

Try emptying a tin of cherries into a lined pot (even better if there's no kids around and you can find some soaked in some kind of alcohol) and then make up a chocolate cake mix and chuck it on top of the cherries. It’s not a scientific process so you’ll need to check it from time to time. The cherries should keep the cake nice and moist.

Top Tip: you can buy dutch oven liners online which make the whole process easier -and cleaner!"

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