Horsing around the campfire

Horsing around the campfire

Horsing around the campfire – Middle Ninfa Campsite 

We love camping.

What we really love is wild camping, where you feel as if you have completely escaped the hustle and bustle of everyday life and are surviving simply with your tent, campfire and inventive cooking techniques… Oh, and the bottle of red wine to sip whilst around the campfire of course. 

For us, a campsite that has exceeded in provided a perfect location for this kind of camping isMiddle Ninfa near Abergavenny. The road leading up to the site itself is a perfectly steep, winding, bumpy road which is sufficiently long enough to take you away from the main road. We arrived to the sight of Richard collecting vegetables from their poly-tunnel, all of which you can buy from them along with salad, fruit and duck eggs. And if that isn’t enough for you, they can order in other organic, local produce from the farm shop two miles away.

They have seven small private sites away from the main site, all of which have a firepit and plenty of space to pitch a tent or two. We chose to stay in Deri, which is perched on the top of the hill and has a rather friendly horse called Fly who loves to join you round the campfire in the evening!

The walks and local pubs nearby are fantastic and the views over the Usk Valley of Skirrid and Monmouthshire are really stunning. All in all, a fab campsite if you’re looking for a back-to-basics site with delicious local produce on site and breathtaking scenery.


Map – taken from Middle Ninfa website’s

Harriet giving Fly a cuddle by the campfire

One of the many commanding views on our walk

The nearby lake



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